Tastings is a first-of-its-kind online portal and mobile app that enables beverage alcohol brands to create and execute off-premise sampling events, and it’s available free to new users.
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Create winning off-premise programs.

Successful brand activation begins with a strong foundation.
With Tastings, brands can build sampling programs that generate awareness and drive conversions.

Fully customizable tasting programs that generate brand awareness.

Tastings lets you deploy successful sampling programs and gather the consumer feedback and data you need. Create a program, set a budget, and allocate sampling events by market, store type and field user. Your field team or talent will use the Tastings mobile app., a powerful, in-the-field execution tool, to complete events and gather valuable insights and feedback on every execution.

  • Build a brand repository including instructional videos, messaging, dress code and more to ensure quality control.
  • Track sampling event executions in real time and receive notifications, to know when talent arrives or if any issues arise during execution.
  • Sampling data gathered by the field user or talent gives you the valuable consumer insights and product feedback you're looking for.
  • Receive second-party verified sampling and conversions data to optimize future events and gauge program success.

Product, Competitor Check & Image Capture

Upon store arrival, talent captures data including product price, promotional pricing and inventory, competitor products and pricing, and submits photos of shelf and behind register placements.
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Tasting Event Execution

Talent sets up using brand directions, like location in store, and a predefined item checklist created in program setup. When the event begins, talent completes a brief data form for each participant, including demographic data, whether the product was sampled and how, customer feedback, and conversions.
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Store Manager & Talent Checkout

When the sampling event is completed, the store manager signs off on sample size, recorded sales and conversion rate as reported by talent, guaranteeing data accuracy and talent accountability. Talent is also prompted to submit their own event feedback and insights.
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Analyze & optimize programs when you use Tastings in tandem with Overproof CPF.

Tastings works best when used in tandem with Overproof’s product suite. Overproof CPF, our Commercial Planning Framework, combines our aggregated data and artificial-intelligence generated insights with your historic and real-time data, to help you make informed decisions when defining your market strategy. Armed with these insights, you can build and optimize actionable and data-backed plans.

What if your CRM told you what accounts to target and when? What if sampling events were scheduled knowing the day and time your target demographic shops at that store? With Overproof CPF & App., Tastings becomes part of a larger sales and marketing strategy that is built on insights and empowers decision-making without guesswork.

Learn more about Overproof’s Solutions here.

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