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The easy-to-use app that will help you execute store activations, track conversions and submit recaps in real time.
Here’s what you need to do to get started:
  • Log in using the username and password you received by email.
  • Watch the quick video below to learn how to execute activations.
Quickly Learn to Use Tastings
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Access event details

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Select an activation to view event details including the store address, the dress code and any notes, media or brand materials provided by your brand manager to help you successfully execute the activation.

Boost the brand’s competitive edge

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Quickly capture product information, including regular price and promotional price, inventory and photos of the shelf placement for the brand you’re representing and it’s competitors.
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Set up for success

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Showcase your setup by selecting which branded promotional items are being used at the activation. Then, take and upload photos of yourself and your station seamlessly.
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Track interactions

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Fill out a 5-second survey for each consumer that enters the store to easily capture demographic data, whether they sampled the product or not, their feedback and purchase decision.
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Submit your recaps in real time

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Rate the event and submit your feedback on the activation to your brand manager. Include notes your manager would want to know, like what talking points were most useful, and whether you would recommend having another sampling at this store.

Need help with the Tastings app?

All about the app

Tastings is a mobile app that helps you execute store activations. The Tastings app includes your upcoming event schedule and event details, and helps you capture the important demographic and sales data your manager needs at every activation.
To download the Tastings app, please click here to be redirected to your app store: {{link}}.
When opening the app for the first time, you will be asked to login with your username and a temporary password. You can find this information in the initial welcome email you received. If you did not receive this email, reach out to your brand manager.
Yes. After your first login, the app will prompt you to change the password to one of your own choosing.
To reset your Tastings password, open the app and click the link that says “Forgot Password” near the bottom of the screen, then enter your email address and select send. If the email exists in the system, you will receive an email with directions to reset your password.

Your activations

Once you open the Tastings app and log in, your activation schedule will be on the home screen.
To see additional details about your assigned activations, tap on the activation.
If your activation schedule is incorrect, contact your brand manager.
Select the check in button on the event details screen. This will log your location and time of arrival to the store.
We encourage brand managers to include dress code information in the Notes & Media section on the event details page. If the dress code is not included here, contact your manager for this information.
If there is a kit for your activation, the brand manager may have included the pickup information in the Notes & Media section of the event details page. If not, contact your manager to see if there is anything you should bring to the event.
Yes. If you change the language settings in your phone to Spanish, the Tastings app will appear in Spanish.

Executing activations

A promotional price is any price that is different than the regular price of the product.
The Product & Competitor Check survey is the first survey you will complete when you arrive to the store. Here, you will include the price of the product, indicate if there is a promotional price, and if so, what the promotional price is, the number of bottles in the store, and a few photos of the bottle on the shelf. You will also capture pricing information and photos for two product competitors. The competitor brands will be listed in the app.
You should submit a close-up photo of the product and a horizontal photo that captures the product on the shelf, which also shows the other bottles in the product’s category.
You should submit a close-up photo of the competitor product and a horizontal photo that captures the product on the shelf, which also shows the other bottles in the product’s category.
In the promotional material survey, you should select which items from the list you have with you:
Branded tablecloth: any tablecloth with a brand name or logo
Floor display: any large display item
Gift items: any items that you will give to a customer if they purchase the product
Printed materials: any printed materials such as a brochure, product description card or other
Shelf talkers: any promotional items that are placed on the product shelf
Other: any other promotional items that you are using at the activation
If you do not know a person’s gender or age, you should guess to the best of your ability. However, if you are unsure if a person is 21, you should ask for identification before serving them any alcoholic beverage.
If someone enters the store and avoids your station, simply tap on their gender and age, then select “did not try” and “did not engage.”
Once you are done engaging with the group, submit one form per person in the group.
You should complete one survey per person that walks into the store during the activation. Do not include children. If you cannot see the entrance to the store from your station, then only complete forms for the people that you are able to see from your station.
When the activation is over, tap Finish Tasting at the top right of the survey screen. You will be prompted to hand the phone to the store manager, who will confirm the event results, rate the tasting, sign their name, and return the phone to you. Then you will be prompted to provide feedback. Complete the survey questions one by one, then add in notes.
You should include any information that would be helpful for your manager to know, such as specific comments made by customers, any questions they had or general feedback. Include whether the store was busy, if there was anything out of your control that may have affected the success of the activation (i.e. weather), and if you would recommend additional activations at this store. Also include any feedback from the store manager like days and times the manager recommends are best for store activations.
There should be a blue check mark next to the Product & Competitor Check, Promotional Material survey, and Tastings. If a blue check is missing, click back into that item to see what you may have missed.
Once you select complete, your report will be sent to your manager automatically and you can pack up your items to leave the store. This will also log the time you checked out of the event.