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Overproof is the Artificial and Business Intelligence solution for the beverage alcohol industry.

Overproof is the only AI powered business solution for the beverage alcohol industry that integrates strategic planning with local market execution. In real time. For any brand portfolio. Overproof brings together the power of big data, proprietary market insights and our customer’s proprietary business data to help fuel business growth.
Define your company and brand strategy
Set goals and build local plans
Optimize and track field execution
Integrate B.I. and analytics in real time
Continuously optimize your approach
Overproof Platform
A powerful commercial planning framework to carry your sales and marketing efforts from strategy to execution.
Mobile App
A powerful in-the-field execution tool that gives you full control over the execution of your market plan.
The brain behind our software, Overproof Insights keeps you one step ahead of the curve.

Enterprise grade commercial planning for every brand.

Behind every successful brand in the beverage alcohol industry, lies a strategic planning process that drives growth. Our platform helps brand owners and managers create custom and effective go‐to‐market strategies based on unique and industry‐specific insights. All tailored to the needs of your business and brands.

Tired of having to reinvent the wheel for every market, brand and plan? Empower your decision making by taking guess work and complexity out of the equation through our self‐optimizing commercial & strategic planning software and methodology. Overproof enables brand owners, managers and field operators to accelerate the success of their business and brands.

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KPI and goal setting per brand, territory, & team member.

Overproof’s Commercial Planning Framework includes goal-setting modules to ensure your organization focuses resources and attention to the right activities for your brands.

Full control and visibility over in-market execution.

Include your sales and field teams in the translation of brand strategies into market-specific activation plans, and tie these plans directly to goals and KPIs for them to execute.

Resource allocation with a marketing or sales focus.

Go-to-market plans are created and optimized by your sales and field teams, to ensure their time and budgets are optimized. By setting budget and time allocation parameters, you can ensure brand goals and KPIs are met.

Portfolio activation optimization for multi-brand companies.

The Overproof platform takes into account the specific goals, segments and focus of each individual brand in your portfolio. Budget and resource allocation within sales and field teams are optimized to ensure a multi-brand approach.

Define your brand strategy and build plans down to the market level.

  • Create tailored and effective go-to-market strategies
  • Gain access to local industry-specific insights from multiple contributors
  • Translate strategies into actionable and measurable local‐market plans with relevant KPIs and goals
  • Ensure alignment and maximize synergies between team members and markets
  • Reduce administrative burden for managers and teams

Powerful in-market analysis and execution.

Our industry optimized Overproof app gives beer, wine and spirits companies full control over the execution of their local market plans.

Through our powerful mobile application, we provide Artificial Intelligence‐powered and real‐time insight into the DNA of any bar or venue, including suppliers, portfolio of brands, beverage programs and menu profile. The Overproof app allows beverage alcohol brands to drive growth through optimization of commercial planning and field execution.

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Optimize your new business and sales approach.

The Overproof app provides real-time and in-market analysis and insights to sales and field team users, ensuring a continuous optimization of your sales activty and approach. Instant venue and competitive analysis ensures your sales activation is effective and compelling.

Measure every aspect of your brand strategy execution.

The Overproof app provides real-time data analysis and reporting, providing brand managers and owners direct insight into sales flow, market performance, and order fulfilment. Overproof’s AI-capabilities ensure real-time and future-looking optimization.

AI-powered, automated workflows to increase effectiveness.

Going beyond planning and execution, the Overproof app allows automatic commitment confirmation to be shared with Distributor reps, and in turn provides real-time updates of fulfillments, sold and unsold accounts, and recurring orders.

Integrate intelligent expense tracking for activations.

To enhance the effectiveness of sales and field teams, the Overproof app includes intelligent expense tracking and other business critical applications that eliminate the hassle of separately administring budget allocation and usage.

Designed to add value to your field team’s daily activity so they’ll want to use it.

  • Real-time competitive and opportunity analysis for any bar or venue
  • Account overview, including target and untapped venues, with route and schedule optimization
  • Activation planning and execution functionality
  • Commitment and depletion tracking
  • Instant distributor reporting tool

Realtime prescriptive
business intelligence.

To succeed in the beverage alcohol industry, entrepreneurs need to be in the know and in control of their brands and business.

Overproof Insights is our proprietary data repository and business intelligence platform, which feeds realtime data and insights to the Overproof platform and app. Fueled by day‐to‐day actions taken by our customers and by data we collect from trusted third‐parties, Overproof Insights turns regular metrics into smarter metrics that help businesses and brands succeed. By bringing together business‐critical data, brand owners and field teams can make empowered sales and marketing strategy decisions.

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Informed and intelligent decisions at the moments that matter most.

  • AI‐powered decision making
  • KPI‐based task prioritization
  • Real time reporting
  • Integrated fulfillment tracker
  • Automated and targeted distributor recaps
  • & Much more

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