Overproof is committed to changing the beverage alcohol industry for good.

Following B-Corporation guidelines, we combine business and social goals to actively give back to the communities we serve. We believe brands are built to the credit of more than a million brand owners, distributors, field reps, retailers, bartenders and hospitality staff.

Overproof’s social mission is driven by three pillars:


Fighting social challenges in the bartender community.


Decreasing the waste footprint in the beverage alcohol industry.


Improving gender equality in the beverage alcohol industry.

We support eachother in good times and bad.

Overproof understands the hospitality industry is among the hardest hit by COVID-19 related closures. We created CompanyToast, a nonprofit bartender re-employment initiative, to help create jobs for bartenders and generate sales for suppliers, while our industry recovers. Learn more here.

We believe in benefits for bartenders.

Are you a bartender? We’re building something for you. In the meantime, join the CompanyToast bartender community, here.

We endeavor to educate, inspire, and do better together.

Overproof regularly publishes resources to help the beverage alcohol industry join our mission. Check out our blog to learn about the environmental benefits of recycling, the dangers of alcoholism, and more, or watch our webinar on how to prepare for the economic and legal impact of COVID-19.

And we exponentially impact the world through our technology

by enabling our customers to become a force for good.

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B Corp. pending.

B Corporations balance purpose and profit, and consider the impact of their decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Overproof is committed to achieving B Corp. status by 2022.

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