Optimize your on-premise strategy and expand your account universe.

Sixdots is an all-in-one mobile menu, ordering and payment platform for bars and restaurants, designed with beverage alcohol suppliers in mind.
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Generate on-premise brand awareness

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Sixdots works with beverage alcohol suppliers to create cocktail programs that generate brand awareness in the palm of the customer’s hand, drive sales, and give suppliers access to valuable on-premise sales data.

Access on-premise performance insights

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Sixdots delivers performance metrics and analytics that go beyond POS reporting. This includes unit and volume sales, share of sales, cocktail rank on menu, aggregate food-pairing trend insights, supplier menu presence, and venue analytics such as average group size and check size.
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Create memorable digital experiences

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Digital menus offer endless opportunities to activate your brand. Partner with accounts to create custom LTOs and produce a variety of cost effective activations that generate additional brand awareness and drive sales.

Maximize your budget and pay for performance.

Sixdots helps you channel marketing dollars in your target markets. Cocktail programs are secured in multi-month increments with no cost risk, meaning you only pay when a bar or restaurant opts in to your program.