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Free-to-Use ordering & marketing platform designed to help bars & restaurants reboot their businesses, while giving suppliers access

to on-premise alcohol sales data.

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It’s time to update your
on-premise strategy.

Sixdots helps suppliers expand their sales and marketing reach and generate brand awareness, while reducing costs per case.

Sixdots is proud to partner with many popular bars & restaurants.

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  • Stand out on digital menus: featured cocktails are displayed prominently, and can include branded content.
  • Generate brand awareness: featured cocktails guarantee a 100% consumer view rate when a cocktail menu is opened. Sixdots can be accessed by an average of 3 million customers per month.
  • Reach consumers beyond the bar or restaurant: direct to consumer campaigns help drive sales by targeting consumers who purchased your cocktail.

Here’s how Sixdots works for merchants.

With digital menu, ordering, checkout and payment, Sixdots helps merchants elevate the consumer experience and reduce staff-guest touchpoints by 60% or more.

Sixdots technology includes a POS system, or can integrate seamlessly with a merchant’s existing system.

Beyond POS, Sixdots technology also includes a comprehensive menu construction tool, cocktail costing tool, recipe repository, inventory lists and more.

Sixdots technology is billed monthly, but merchants can offset the cost by opting into a supplier program.

More Info for Merchants
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Here’s how Sixdots works for suppliers.

As a Sixdots supplier, you set a program budget and length.

Sixdots allocates cocktail programs against your budget, billing per bar and restaurant when, and only when, a merchant accepts your program.

For every month and for every menu your cocktail program is live, you receive cocktail sales performance reports, and more.

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Robust monthly reporting and point of sale data.

Full month performance data for each cocktail program including share of sales and cocktail rank on menu.
Aggregated food-pairing insights to understand order combinations across the menu.
Cocktail program recipes to know how your spirit is served.
Menu insights for trending cocktail styles and types.

Are you ready to drive on-premise depletions?

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Leverage your Sixdots on-premise data to analyze and optimize your account strategy with Overproof CPF.

When used in tandem with Overproof’s strategic planning platform, Overproof CPF, Sixdots supplier customers get access to real-time data dashboards and insights that empower better decisions.
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