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Key Market Report

Overproof’s key market report details the top-performing suppliers and brands in 10 major U.S. cocktail markets. This alcohol market analysis includes a wide variety of account segments, 2,000 bars and restaurants with 6,613 menus, and offers insight, including what suppliers, brands, categories and cocktails lead by venue placements, total mentions and unique products.


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Diageo USA leads by venue placements (1,592), total mentions (14,914) and unique products (196), with placements in 79.6% of the 2,000 venues included and 14.2% share of the 6,613 menus analyzed. Diageo USA’s position is driven by Don Julio, Bulleit, Ketel One, Casamigos and Johnnie Walker, which all make the top 20 by total mentions.

Bacardi Limited follows with 1,542 venue placements (77.1% of venues) and 10,315 total mentions (9.8% menu share). Pernod Ricard USA is the third leading supplier in both categories, with 1,525 venue placements (76.3%) and 9,239 mentions (8.8% menu share).


Tito’s (Tito’s Vodka) is the top brand by venue placements (944, 47.2% of 2,000 venues analyzed), and total mentions (2,968, 2.8% menu share), and accounts for 21.8% of all vodka mentions.

Don Julio (Diageo USA) is the second leading brand by venue placements (699), and total mentions (2,419, 2.31% menu share).

Maker’s Mark (Beam Suntory) takes third by venue placements (691), while Bacardi (Bacardi Limited) takes third by total mentions (2,196, 2.1% menu share).


Tequila is the most popular category with 17,980 total mentions accounting for 17% of mentions. Don Julio (Diageo USA) is the leading tequila brand in the category with 2,419 mentions, followed by Patrón (Bacardi Limited, 1,708 mentions) and Casamigos (Diageo USA, 1,281). With 2 brands in the top 3, Diageo USA accounts for 20% of tequila mentions.

Vodka is the second most popular category with 13,601 total mentions. The vodka category is led by Tito’s (Tito’s Vodka) with 2,968 mentions, accounting for 21.8% of vodka mentions. Absolut (Pernod Ricard) is the second leading brand by mentions with 1,579, followed by Ketel One (Diageo USA).

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California Agave Report

This report details which agave suppliers and brands are winning the menu in California. It includes a trend report comparing supplier and brand presence on menus from Q4 2021 to Q3 2022, an alcohol market analysis featuring Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, and a celebrity brand report.



Diageo USA brands Don Julio and Casamigos commanded the tequila market at the start of the year but both lost venue placements over the next two quarters.

Bacardi Limited successfully grew both its tequila brands, pushing Patrón over Casamigos to number 2 by venue placements, and adding 6 venues for Cazadores.

Of all suppliers, Brown Forman showed the most traction, gaining 15 venues since January. Beam Suntory saw the largest loss with mentions on 13 less menus.


Mezcal lost 1 percent of category menu share. While Pernod Ricard brand Del Maguey maintained its lead by venue placements, unique products and percentage of mentions, it lost ground in all three categories, including 15 venues.

Other top brands by venue placements saw losses, including Mezcal Vago (Samson & Surrey), which lost 12 venues, El Silencio (El Silencio Holdings), which lost 11 and El Jolgorio (Back Bar Project), which lost 10. Bacardi Limited brand Ilegal held steady with 54 venue placements to maintain its number 3 position.


Overproof identified 11 suppliers and 13 celebrity-owned brands on the menus included in this analysis.

Among them, Casamigos (Diageo USA, George Clooney, Rande Gerber) has an overwhelming majority of venue placements and total mentions over runner-up Casa Noble (Constellation Brands, Carlos Santana).

Teremana (Mast-Jagermeister US, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) ranks 3rd by venue placements, beating Cincoro (Cinco Spirits Group, Michael Jordan, Jeanie Buss) by 9 venues.


Spirited Award Winners

Overproof analyzed the cocktail menus of U.S.-based bars, restaurants and hotels nominated for the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards in 2022 and identified the brands, cocktails, and product categories that comprise these influential beverage programs, plus regional leaders and trends.


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With a portfolio heavy in aperitifs and liqueurs, Campari America makes its presence known on cocktail menus, leading by venue mentions, total product mentions and cocktail mentions.

Ranked second and third by number of venue mentions and product mentions is Bacardi Limited and Pernod Ricard, respectively.

By number of cocktail mentions, Mizkan America, supplier for Angostura, ranks second and Bacardi Limited ranks third.


Campari is the leading brand by venue mentions, followed by Angostura and Chartreuse. Angostura has almost 100 more product mentions and is mentioned twice as much as Campari in cocktails, which ranks second for both. Chartreuse ranks third in both categories.

For base spirits, Wild Turkey leads by total mentions and cocktail mentions, followed by Del Maguey and Plantation.

By unique products, Wild Turkey leads with 13 unique products, followed by Giffard and St George.


Bacardi Limited leads by mentions on the menus of the Spirited Awards nominees for best new cocktail bars. While Angostura and Campari are the most mentioned brands, the Bacardi Limited portfolio has 5 brands in the top 10: Bacardi, Grey Goose, Benedictine, Bombay and Cazadores.

In the best U.S. Hotel Bar category, Diageo USA leads followed by Bacardi Limited. For top brands, Casamigos takes the top spot, and although Campari and Angostura take number 2 and 3, the top performers include more base spirit brands than seen in other categories.


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