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Overproof Web Portal Manual

Welcome to Overproof! The Overproof web portal helps brand managers build, analyze and optimize, data-backed plans. To get started, follow the steps below or use the search functionality at the top of the page.

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What is the Overproof web portal?

On the Overproof web portal brand-level executives create tailored and effective go-to-market strategies based on local and industry-specific insights. Features include market plan creation, goal and KPI setting, resource allocation, automated reporting, and more.

How do I access the web portal?

You will be provided with login credentials during the onboarding process. You can opt to save your credentials by selecting the “Remember Me” icon, or opt in to use biometric login.

A screenshot of the login screen on the Overproof portal

Use your username and password to log into the portal. If you have forgotten your login details, click on the link to reset your password and Overproof will send you a temporary password that will enable you to regain access into the portal.

Web Portal Workspace: Dashboard

A screenshot of the dashboards on the Overproof portal
Dashboard (Landing Page)

The web portal’s home screen is a dashboard that displays a snapshot of key reporting metrics, including depletion data, fulfillment status and activities summary.

On the left side of the screen there are tabs to reach other workspaces within the portal, including Accounts, Reports, Users and Goals.

The remaining tabs are for additional Overproof products: Overproof’s off-premise tasting program execution tool, Overproof Tastings, and Sixdots, a digital menu, ordering, checkout and payment app. for bars and restaurants that gives beverage alcohol suppliers access to on-premise cocktail sales and performance insights.

Overproof customers who also use Tastings or Sixdots, can access those dashboards from this screen.

Web Portal Workspace: Accounts

A screenshot of the account list on the Overproof portal

Accounts are on- and off-premise venues. Through the web portal’s Account workspace, you can select an Account from Overproof’s Account database or create a new account, and assign it to a field team member.

On the Account page, you can:

  • select accounts from the Overproof database,
  • create new accounts,
  • assign accounts to field users,
  • and manage account activities.

You can also access your brand’s complete account list, and view details including:

  • list and map view, account name, premise type, assignee, last sold status, fulfillment status, last touch and venue analysis,
  • and insights such as sold/unsold or sold state, churn rate, order efficiency and more.

Web Portal Workspace: Users

A screenshot of the user list on the Overproof portal

The User workspace includes the complete list of a brand’s field representatives that have access to the Overproof app. Here, you can manage individual settings, access insights on individual performance, such as commitments and fulfillments, or add new field representatives and assign goals to them.

Web Portal Workspace: Goals

A screenshot of the settings screen on the Overproof portal

Goals are defined by a metric and a time period attributed to a KPI.

Through the goals workspace, you can select KPIs from a list or create custom KPIs, access a goals list (list of KPIs that can be made into goals), and review company goals, which are goals focused by Activities, Segment and Premise type.

Getting Started

This Section provides a detailed walk-through of different tasks you can carry out to help manage the brand, or a brand ambassadors work load. You can create goals and KPIs, assign goals and grant permissions.

How do I add a new account?

To add a new account from the Accounts page, select the plus sign icon at the top right of the page. Complete the pop-up form by entering the account details, and select save.

How do I add a new user?

To add a new field representative, go to the Users tab and select the plus sign icon at the top right of the page. Complete the pop-up form with the field representative’s information and select save.

How do I add a brand & product?

To add a new product or brand, select the settings icon on the left navigation bar of the landing page.

How do I add a goal?

To add a goal, navigate to the Goals tab and click the plus sign icon at the top right of the page. Select Add New Goal, complete the pop-up form and select save.

Goals can be categorized by activities, segments and premise type. Standard goals include:

  • Sales Activities
  • Trade Marketing Activations
  • Consumer Marketing Activations
  • Account Touches
  • Points of Distribution
  • Sold Accounts
  • Volume (9LE)
  • Quality of Distribution
  • Sales Representative Efficiency

Goal Assignment

This feature helps assign goals to brand ambassadors. The following are steps for assigning goals.

How do I add a new product?

To add a new product, select the settings icon on the left navigation bar of the landing page.

How do I view Brand Ambassador Performance & Details?

To view a field representative’s performance and details, click on their name in the Users page.

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