, get Tastings to elevate your off-premise programs.

Overproof Tastings

Execute winning off-premise programs.

Tastings is a free, first-of-its-kind online portal and mobile app that helps you create and execute off-premise sampling events and gather the consumer feedback and data you need to optimize your off-premise strategies.

Drive brand awareness with fully customizable tasting programs.

Launch a program, assign activations per store, and set budget and goals.
Create a brand repository, including videos, messaging, recipes and dress code.
Assign talent and create checklist with promo materials and gift-with-purchase items.
Streamline event and competitor data, consumer feedback and photo capture.
Receive accurate, store-verified data for each sampling and track program success.

Our in-store execution app.

A screenshot of a Tastings user's upcoming activation schedule.

Upcoming Event Schedule

A screenshot of the Tastings app that shows images captured of the liquor store shelf.

Product & Competitor Check

A screenshot of the in-store survey in the Tastings app

Tasting Data Capture

A screenshot of the Store Manager check out survey in the Tastings app

Store Manager Check Out

Use Tastings in tandem with the Overproof platform.

How could knowing the day and time your target demographic shops at a store increase off-premise tasting success?

With Overproof, Tastings is part of a larger sales and marketing strategy. By combining our aggregated data and AI-generated insights with your historic data and real-time data produced by your field team, Overproof helps you build, execute, analyze and optimize actionable sales and marketing strategies.

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