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A screenshot of the Sixdots app that shows a list of venues, and a second screenshot of the Sixdots app that shows a listing for Jack's Mezcal Pineapple Margarita

Sixdots is the all-in-one digital menu, ordering and payment platform for bars & restaurants, designed with beverage alcohol suppliers in mind.

Sixdots gives you access to unprecedented AI-driven consumer insights that will help optimize your sales strategy and drive on-premise beverage alcohol sales.

Direct-to-consumer brand exposure.

Sixdots works with beverage alcohol suppliers to create cocktail programs that help support bars and restaurants.

Cocktail programs generate brand awareness in the palm of the customer’s hand, drive sales, and give suppliers access to valuable on-premise sales data.

The point-of-sale insights you’ve been looking for.

Line icons of a cellphone with a cocktail, checkout cart, and a graph showing upward movement.
Full month performance data for each featured cocktail including share of sales and cocktail rank on menu.
Aggregated food-pairing trends to better understand order combinations across the menu.
Featured cocktail recipes to know how your spirit is being served.
Menu insights for trending cocktail styles and types.
A photo of the Overproof portal that shows program results by location.

Leverage your Sixdots data to analyze and optimize your account strategy on the Overproof platform.

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