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Insights for Alcohol Enterprises

Market Analysis

Uncover insights, benchmark against competitors, and understand your market share.

With an extensive menu database of millions of menus, we evaluate your on-premise performance to understand your market share and how it stacks up against competitors. Our account scoring capabilities analyze depletion reports to identify high-potential accounts that drive sales, allowing us to create tailored opportunity account lists based on your brand’s ideal venue profile. By monitoring target account menus, we help suppliers track the direct connection between sales, marketing efforts, and ROI, ensuring increased menu share and new points of distribution.

Field Surveys

Maximize data collection efficiency and improve communication in the field.

For enterprise brands aiming to streamline and optimize data collection in on-premise venues, at retail locations, stadiums, arenas and more. Overproof’s custom apps empower teams to conduct surveys with ease and accuracy. With features like activity scheduling, guided survey tasks, and manual product verification, our app simplifies the entire survey process. Experience heightened operational efficiency, improved data accuracy, and facilitate seamless communication among field agents, supervisors, and stakeholders.

Image Recognition Surveys

Gain crucial insights with advanced, industry-specific image recognition technology.

Overproof’s image recognition capabilities enable enterprises to extract crucial insights by accurately detecting containers, bottles, and labels in field images, ranging from store shelves to venue refrigerators. Our technology matches these images to an extensive product library, extracting critical information on brand positioning, share of shelf space and shelf facings, competitor analysis, and more. By analyzing thousands of images, brands can maximize growth opportunities, hold their partners accountable, optimize shelf placements, and gain a decisive competitive edge in the market.

Custom AI/Software Development
& Commercial Excellence Tooling

Tailored solutions to optimize operations and accelerate sales growth.

Overproof offers alcohol enterprises the power to streamline their unique business operations, elevate customer experiences, and drive substantial sales growth. Our team of experts works closely with enterprise leaders to understand their specific needs and create tailored solutions that optimize sales teams, enhance operational efficiency, and fuel revenue growth at scale. Have a unique problem you want to solve? Reach out to our team today and let us help you unlock your brand’s full potential.

Drive Sales Growth and Commercial Excellence.

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