Treat your employees to a happy hour
while social distancing.

Why CompanyToast?

1. Raise team morale.
2. Employ bartenders who lost their jobs.
3. Support local businesses.

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Every dollar raised goes toward employment opportunities for bartenders.

The impact of COVID-19 is felt in all parts of society. Companies are struggling to find creative ways to keep employees motivated and engaged in a new world of remote work. Employees are putting in more hours, while missing out on the camaraderie of an office environment and work-related social activities. Liquor suppliers are struggling to cope with the shift in demand for their products from on-premise to online sales. And bartenders are seeking creative ways to make ends meet, while they wait for bars and restaurants to reopen.

CompanyToast brings these four groups together in a mutually-beneficial way that allows companies to treat their teams to a virtual happy hour, employees to enjoy a break with their colleagues and learn how to make a new cocktail, suppliers to get their brands out there and bartenders to earn money.

With CompanyToast, you can treat your team to a virtual happy hour hosted by a talented bartender.

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Complete the form below. Our team will get in touch to work with you to create a CompanyToast package that is customized to your needs.
Overproof pairs you with a bartender who will work in collaboration with you to create your customized CompanyToast.
The bartender handles logistics like sourcing liquor and ingredients and delivering cocktail-making kits to your employees.
Enjoy a CompanyToast! The bartender leads this fun, virtual event that gives your team a social break while teaching them a new cocktails.

CompanyToast pricing varies by number of attendees and kit drop-off locations.

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To receive custom pricing and plan your CompanyToast,

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CompanyToast is a win win for companies, teams, bartenders and suppliers, alike.

What’s in it for bartenders?

With CompanyToast, you can leverage your cocktail-making expertise and presentation skills to make money from the safety of your own home while creating a happy hour environment for the world’s new virtual teams.

There are three ways to make money:

  • Host a CompanyToast
  • Pick up ingredients, package cocktail kits and deliver to participants
  • Earn commission by selling CompanyToast to your own contacts
Link to Bartender page.

What’s in it for suppliers?

With CompanyToast suppliers have the opportunity to reach and educate a pre-determined amount of consumers on their brands through a safe, interactive and highly experiential brand activation.
  • Have your product story told to a captive audience and leave a lasting impression with branded merchandise
  • Consumer brand advocacy and guaranteed sales
  • Opportunity to create high impact social media content in collaboration with company
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Let’s create jobs together.