Get back to doing the work you love even while social distancing.

Why CompanyToast?

1. Make money from home.
2. Multiple ways to increase earnings.
3. Get back to doing what you love.

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Every dollar raised goes toward employment opportunities for bartenders.

The impact of COVID-19 is felt in all parts of society. Companies are struggling to find creative ways to keep employees motivated and engaged in a new world of remote work. Employees are putting in more hours, while missing out on the camaraderie of an office environment and work-related social activities. Liquor suppliers are struggling to cope with the shift in demand for their products from on-premise to online sales. And bartenders are seeking creative ways to make ends meet, while they wait for bars and restaurants to reopen.

CompanyToast brings these four groups together in a mutually-beneficial way that allows companies to treat their teams to a virtual happy hour, employees to enjoy a break with their colleagues and learn how to make a new cocktail, suppliers to get their brands out there and bartenders to earn money.

CompanyToast is a nonprofit, bartender re-employment initiative by Overproof.

Overproof assigns you to a CompanyToast in your area. You lead the full event coordination, including creating a run of show with the Company Lead.
You coordinate with the Supplier to learn about the brand, cocktail recipe, and receive branded merchandise and packaging to include in Cocktail Kits.
You source the product and cocktail ingredients, package them and deliver Cocktail Kits to each employee's home a minimum of 2 days prior to the CompanyToast.
You host the CompanyToast using the Company Lead's platform for a group of employees, teaching them about the brand and how to make the cocktail(s).

There are multiple ways to earn money by working with CompanyToast.

Host a happy hour.

For each CompanyToast hosted, bartenders earn a $250 fee. By hosting, bartenders are responsible for coordinating the run of show with the Company Lead and the Supplier. CompanyToasts last 30-60 minutes.

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Handle logistics.

Depending on company size, bartenders earn money to source, package and deliver cocktail kits to employees. Logistics earnings begin at $100 per CompanyToast.

Earn a kickback.

CompanyToast packages range based on team size. Bartenders who sell a CompanyToast package earn a kickback of 15% and have first dibs on hosting and logistics support.

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CompanyToast is a win-win for bartenders, companies, teams, and suppliers, alike.

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