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Welcome to Overproof! The Overproof app is a powerful, in-the-field execution tool that helps field representatives plan, track and measure daily sales and marketing activities and leverage real-time insights to reach their goals. To get started, follow the steps below or use the search functionality at the top of the page.

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What is the Overproof mobile app?

The Overproof app is a powerful, in-the-field execution tool that helps field representatives plan, track and measure their daily sales and marketing activities and leverage real-time insights to reach their goals.

Which devices is the mobile app available on?

The Overproof app (app name: Overproof) can be installed on any mobile device using an iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android (mobile phones and tablets) operating system. To install, go to the App Store or Google Play and search “Overproof.”

How do I sign in to my account?

You’ll be provided with login credentials during the onboarding process. If you did not receive credentials, check with your manager. You can save your credentials by selecting the “Remember Me” icon, or opt in to use biometric login.

How is the app organized?

The interface is divided into four sections, which can be accessed using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The four sections are: Goals, Activities, Tasks, and Accounts.

App Workspace: Goals

What are GOALS?

Goals are created by the brand manager and defined by a metric and time period. After a brand manager has gone into Overproof CPF or Webportal and assigned goals to you and your team, this page will be populated with your specific goals and the progress you have made toward those goals.

Goals can include items such as:

• Accounts Visited in a segment
• Points of Distribution in a segment
• Volume (9LE)
• Sold Accounts
• Sales Activities
• Trade Marketing Activities
• Consumer Marketing Activities
• Account Touches
• Quality of Distribution

FAQS: Goals

How do I view my Goals and progress?

Goals and progress toward goals can be viewed on the goals dashboard. To view the goals dashboard, tap the goals navigational icon in the bottom menu.

How do I set Goals?

Goals are set by the brand manager in the Overproof web portal.

App Workspace: Accounts

What are ACCOUNTS?

Accounts are on- and off-premise venues, and can either be owned (by you), company-owned (assigned to one of your team members), or not owned (by anyone in your company). The Accounts page allows you to access your owned accounts, company accounts and potential accounts, with the ability to filter and sort them, and gain valuable insights that aid in account targeting and prioritization.

You can:
• view Accounts by list or map,
• filter accounts based on ownership (my accounts, company accounts, potential accounts), or by brand and product, premise type, venue type, segment, fulfillment status and sold status,
• and sort by venue name.

By selecting an account, you’ll be taken to the Account Detail page, where you can:
• view account name and date of last visit (if applicable),
• run a new menu and bar analysis, or promotional item survey, or access previously run reports,
• view account address, open hours, website, and customer reviews,
• view account contact list and initiate a call,
• submit commitments including product, size, quantity and delivery date, with the option to include a note to the user’s manager or distributor, or add any valuable information in the notes section.

FAQS: Accounts

How do I search for a nearby account and add it to an account set?

Tap on the plus sign icon on the bottom right of the screen to access a list of accounts in the area. Select the account that you want to add, and tap Add to Set. A popup notification will confirm the account was successfully added to your account set.

How do I filter accounts?

Accounts can be filtered by ownership, potential accounts, brands and products, premise type, venue type, segment, fullfillment status and sold status. To filter accounts, tap on the filter tab on the top left corner of the Accounts page.
Select the filters you want to use and tap save to view the returned results.

How do I view account details?

Select an account to access the account details page. The account details page shows the account name, date of last visit, address, open hours, website URL, and customer reviews.

How do I add a contact to an account?

To add a contact to an account, select the contact tab in the account detail page. Tap on the plus sign icon at the bottom right of the page, complete the pop up form and tap save.

How do I create a new commitment?

To create a new commitment, open the account detail page and tap on the commitments tab. Tap on the plus sign icon at the bottom of the page. Complete the form to include the commitment details (product, size, quantity and delivery date). You can also add a note to your manager or distributor, or any valuable information in the notes section. Then tap to save the commitment.

How do I view which products of mine are in an account?

To view brand products at an account, go to the account detail page and select products.

How do I run a menu analysis at an account?

To run a menu analysis, navigate to the account details page of the account whose menu you want to analyze, and tap on new menu analysis. This will initiate your camera, where you can take photos of each page of the menu. Rate the style and premiumness of the menu by adjusting the slider. Select items around the venue you see are branded, such as table tents, coasters, bar tools, bart mats, etc. Tap on done, and your menu analysis will appear.

App Workspace: Activities


Activities are sales and marketing-related actions that contribute to the promotion of products and brands. Scheduling an activity creates a workflow that will assist you in the execution of that activity. On the activity page, you can see how many activities you have in progress, and where you stand in the planning process for each.

You can also:

• access a full list of upcoming activities,
• filter activities by type, brand or product, and venue type,
• sort by date, proximity to the user’s current location, or venue name,
• see which have tasks that are overdue,
• create a new activity including the account, product, type, name, start and end date and time, contacts, and notes.

By clicking on an upcoming activity, you can:

• access account and activity details, and edit details,
• and see which tasks have been marked as complete toward the completion of the activity, and which tasks are still pending.

FAQ: Activities

How do I see the status or progress of an activity?

By clicking on the activities tab you can see how many activities you have in progress. If you have a task overdue, it will be noted in red. Click on a particular activity, then select the tasks tab to see the tasks that have been completed and those that still remain.

How do I filter activities?

To filter activities, tap on the filter tab and select or deselect filters, reset filters, or save to see the returned results.

How do I edit an activity?

To edit an activity, navigate to the Activity Detail page, and click on the pencil icon on the bottom right of the screen. After all edits have been made, tap on save to submit the changes.

How do I create a new activity or edit an existing activity?

On the Activities page, tap on the plus sign icon at the bottom left of the screen. Complete the pop-up form with all the pertinent activity information, then tap on the save button to store the activity.

App Workspace: Tasks

What are TASKS?

Tasks are items to carry out to successfully complete an activity. The tasks section will help give you an idea of your most pressing priorities.

On the Tasks page, you can:

• review scheduled tasks and the status of those tasks, including upcoming or overdue,
• complete or uncheck tasks,
• access the activation page associated with each task,
• filter by brand and product, premise type, date, and venue type and
• sort by due date.

FAQs: Tasks

How do I view my tasks, filter tasks and sort tasks?

To view tasks, tap on the Tasks tab on the bottom navigation bar. Tasks can be filtered by brand or product, premise type, date, and venue type. Tasks can also be sorted by due date.

How do I mark a task as complete?

To mark a task as complete from the task tab, select the circle to the left of the task. This will create a green checkmark on the task, which means the task has been completed.

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