Advanced Field Sales Tracking for Alcohol Brands

Take your alcohol brand to the next level with the Overproof app, the must-have tool for field sales execution and team management.

field marketing reps - shows the performance tracking dashboard and the goals page on the app

Drive Success by Setting and Tracking Your Brand's Unique Goals

Set your brand’s unique goals to ensure your field sales  team have clear visibility into their progress toward achieving them. With Overproof, your reps will have a constant pulse on their personal performance, and you can ensure they stay laser-focused on the right objectives.

Unlock High-Potential Accounts for Targeted Success

Overproof’s extensive account database empowers field  marketing reps with intelligent account prospecting and puts more than a million venues at their fingertips. They can access their owned, company-owned and target account sets and view insights on venues in their area. Plus, filter accounts by premise type, chain or independent, venue type and more.

screenshots that show the map view on the overproof app for field marketing reps and the accounts view on the overproof app

Empower Your Team with Actionable Data for Improved Performance

Overproof uses cutting-edge image recognition and machine learning technologies to provide your field marketing reps with immediate insights. They can quickly gain a competitive edge with menu analysis reports, which provide a breakdown to identify areas of opportunity.

a bar chart icon - field marketing reps

Enhance Productivity with Efficient and Automated Workflows

From staff trainings and consumer samplings to menu placements and account visits, Overproof’s field sales app helps your team plan and execute activities with ease. Action items are prompted automatically, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, and completed activities are automatically counted toward the user’s goals.

field marketing reps - screenshots showing the overproof app commitment feature and distributor rep contact information

Harness Unparalleled Insight into What's Fueling Your Brand's Success

All field sales team activity seamlessly flows back to the portal, delivering valuable in-market analysis and the ability to identify successful strategies to tailor your approach. With automated daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you’ll have more time to focus on optimizing your brand strategy and driving growth.

Ready to supercharge your brand's success?

Experience the power of Overproof and transform the way you strategize, execute, and thrive in the competitive world of beverage alcohol sales and marketing.