Boost agency revenue with data-driven activations.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to Tastings, the ultimate data activation platform and app for off-premise samplings.

Tastings offers agencies like yours the tools they need to plan, track and collect data on retail sampling programs, giving them the power to make informed decisions that drive revenue growth and keep clients happy.


“Overproof has been absolutely instrumental in the growth of my company.

Sales Manager
The Nova Collective Agency
Tastings allows us to place on-site tasks in the rep’s hands, streamline our data tracking, and lessen the need for oversight — which is invaluable as a manager. The platform gave my agents the power to do their job, without needing much from me. At their fingertips are automated tasks necessary to their activations. It also gave us the tools to provide program info in one spot for our clients. My agents and myself found the sample tracker to be our favorite part, allowing for complete ease in measuring conversion rates. I recommend the Tastings app as a service to ALL of my clients.”
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Simplify off-premise activation planning.

Streamline activation planning and organize brand materials for more efficient execution. Eliminate manual processes and get more effective program management from a single data activation platform.
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Keep a close eye on events with live tracking.

With real-time event tracking, you’ll always be able to monitor the progress of your events and make adjustments on the fly to ensure success. Keep track of talent arrival times, their progress throughout the event, and when they check out, across all activations.
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Automatically generated event recaps will save you time.

Brand ambassadors capture activation data in real time, so you’ll receive verified event recaps in your inbox as soon as the activation ends, providing valuable insights and saving you the hassle of collecting data manually.

Comprehensive program dashboards will help you optimize performance.

Leverage countless metrics and data points on your reports dashboard to identify the ideal combination of agent, location, product, day, and time for your events, resulting in improved program performance and increased revenue. With this level of insight, you can ensure that every event is a success and that your agency is operating at its full potential.
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The app that helps talent get more done in less time.

  • User-friendly interface and training completed in under five minutes.
  • Schedule, dress code and brand materials in one place.
  • Text message reminders.
  • Store surveys conducted while on location, eliminating post-event work for brand ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to provide event and location feedback, streamlining communication with managers.

Experience the power of data-driven activations.