Independent Bottling 101 for Alcohol Brands

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Independent bottling is a unique process where companies or individuals pick and buy spirits from different producers and then bottle them under their own brands. This method lets customers try a wide range of unique and sometimes rare spirits, including special or limited editions, that highlight the best and most diverse drinks from around the world.

Jumping into the spirits market as an independent bottler opens up an exciting path for entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized alcohol brands. It’s a way to introduce unique products without the hefty investment of owning a distillery. However, independent bottling is more than just putting a label on a bottle; it’s an art and a strategy in itself. That’s why we’ve created the “Independent Bottling 101” guide. Perfect for both newcomers to this business model and those looking to elevate their brand, our guide provides the foundational information you need.

What You Will Find Inside Independent Bottling 101:

  • Getting Started: An overview of the independent bottling business model, highlighting the unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch distinctive spirits without owning a distillery, including initial steps and market research.
  • Liquor Sourcing and Distiller Partnerships: Strategies for selecting and acquiring high-quality spirits, plus advice on forming strong partnerships with distilleries to ensure a consistent and unique product offering.
  • Packaging and Branding: Insights into choosing the right packaging and labeling to stand out in the market, emphasizing the importance of brand identity and consumer appeal for independent bottling.
  • Facilities and Operations: Considerations for selecting or setting up a bottling facility, focusing on technology, equipment, and layout to support efficient operations and scalability.
  • Market Entry, Distribution, and Growth: Best practices for entering the market, including building a sales team, working with distributors, and implementing local growth strategies to establish and expand your brand’s presence.
  • Expert Advice and Final Tips: Valuable tips from industry veterans on capital investment, aligning bottle design with sales strategy, and leveraging champion accounts for brand advocacy and visibility.

Download Overproof’s Independent Bottling 101 Guide!



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