Crafting Connections: Email Templates for Sales Follow Up

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As a liquor representative, your relationship with bar accounts is important. To truly stand out and maintain a strong connection with your clients, you need to go beyond the standard email communication. This blog explores innovative and engaging strategies to keep in touch with your bar accounts, ensuring your brand remains a top choice. We have included our email templates for sales follow-up at the end of the article that can be used for clients.

1. Offer Customized Promotional Materials

Bars are always looking for ways to enhance their marketing and attract more customers. As a liquor rep, you can offer to provide customized promotional materials that align with both your brand and the bar’s aesthetic. This can include:

  • Branded Glassware or Coasters: Useful and a constant reminder of your brand.
  • Customized Signage: Tailored signs that promote your brand in the bar.
  • Digital Assets: Social media graphics or QR codes featuring your products.

2. Collaborate on Signature Cocktails

Create a unique experience for the bar’s customers by collaborating on a signature cocktail. Customize our email templates for sales follow up my mentioning your clients cocktail menu selection and where your product can fit. This can involve:

  • Menu Inclusion: Design a cocktail that features your brand and gets a spotlight on their menu.
  • Bartender Sampling: Organize a session with the bar staff to experience and learn more about your product
  • Promotional Nights: Host events where the signature cocktail is featured, potentially with special pricing.

3. Share Brand News and Insights

Keep the bar informed about what’s new with your brand. This could include:

  • Upcoming Product Releases: Give them a heads-up on new products they might want to feature.
  • Industry Trends: Share insights on what’s trending in the alcohol industry.
  • Seasonal Updates: When introducing new products or promotions that align with seasonal trends.
  • Exclusive Invites: Offer them the chance to attend brand events or tastings

4. Ask for Feedback and Offer Support

Engage in a two-way conversation by asking for their feedback and offering support where needed. This includes:

  • Product Feedback: Ask how your products are performing and if there are any requests or suggestions.
  • Operational Support: Offer training for their staff on your products or assistance in optimizing product placement.

5. Personalize Your Communication

Tailor your communication to the specific needs and interests of each bar. Remember, each account is unique, and a personalized approach will always be more effective. With our email templates for sales follow up, you can easily personalize it for clients.

Looking for Email Templates for Sales Follow-Up?

For liquor reps, maintaining strong relationships with bar accounts is about more than just follow-up emails. It’s about engaging in meaningful ways, offering value, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. By providing promotional materials, collaborating on unique cocktails, sharing brand insights, seeking feedback, and personalizing your approach, you can ensure that your brand is not only remembered but also preferred.

Download our free email templates. Perfect for cold outreach, re-engagement, and consistent contact with your clients.

Email Template for Sales Follow up FAQ

What are some innovative strategies for liquor reps to follow up with bar accounts?

Beyond standard emails, liquor reps can leverage these tactics to build strong relationships with bars:

  • Offer Customized Promotional Materials: Provide branded coasters, glassware, or social media graphics featuring your liquor to enhance the bar’s marketing and showcase your brand.
  • Collaborate on Signature Cocktails: Work with bartenders to create a unique drink using your product. This can involve menu inclusion, bartender training sessions, or promotional nights featuring the cocktail.
  • Share Brand News and Insights: Keep bars informed about upcoming product releases, industry trends, seasonal offerings, and exclusive events to showcase your brand’s value.

How can liquor reps move beyond a sales pitch and build a two-way dialogue with bars?

Building relationships goes beyond selling. Seek feedback on your products and offer support. This could be anything from staff training on your liquor to optimizing product placement within the bar.

What kind of valuable information can liquor reps share with bars to demonstrate brand value?

Sharing brand news and insights keeps bars informed and engaged. Update them on upcoming product releases, industry trends, seasonal offerings, or exclusive events like tastings.



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