Philadelphia Liquor Trends: On-Premise Alcohol Market Data

Cityscape of the Philadelphia liquor market

From the historic taverns in Old City to the trendy bars in Fishtown, Philly’s establishments serve up a mix of spirits that cater to every palate. In exploring Philadelphia’s current liquor landscape, we identified the top brands making waves across the city. Drawing on comprehensive data from Overproof’s Key Market Report, learn the preferences shaping Philly’s drinking culture, from the timeless classics to the modern favorites that keep the city’s nightlife buzzing.

Overproof’s Key Market Report offers insight into 13 top U.S. markets, including what suppliers, brands, categories, and cocktails lead by venue placements, menu, and cocktail mentions. Download the free report preview to get a snapshot of what’s leading on-premise in Charlotte, Nashville, New York City, and Philadelphia.

What’s Included

  • 13 Markets
  • 9,127 Venues
  • 94.1K Menus
  • 861 Suppliers
  • 2,248 Brands
  • 1.9M Menu Mentions

Understanding the Liquor Market Data Breakdown

The dataset is distinguished by:

  • Venue placements – total venues that mention the supplier, brand or product category.
  • Menu mentions – amount of times across menus.
  • Cocktails – amount of mentions a brand/supplier has in cocktails.

Philadelphia Liquor Insights – Key Takeaways

Philadelphia’s dynamic liquor market is led by Tito’s, boasting an impressive 2,052 menu mentions and highlighting the city’s affinity for this versatile vodka. Aperol secures the second spot, indicating Philadelphians’ fondness for cocktails infused with the Italian aperitif. Bulleit ranks third, while Bacardi completes the top four. Interestingly, each of the top four are in different categories.

Tequila stands out as Philadelphia’s preferred liquor category, significantly leading with notable mentions for Don Julio, and closely followed by Patrón and Casamigos, indicating a strong tequila trend. Bourbon and Vodka follow as the second and third most popular categories, reflecting a balanced mix of traditional and modern tastes among Philadelphia’s drinkers. Despite vodka’s third-place category ranking, the Martini emerges as the top cocktail choice, underscoring the classic’s enduring popularity and the versatility of vodka in the city’s cocktail culture. With the Martini, Kahlúa has the most meu mentions – alluding to the Espresso Martini’s popularity in Philly.

More Markets?

Interested in more markets? We have identified the leading suppliers, brands, and categories in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and South Florida. Click HERE to learn how to access our full report and interactive dashboard. Identify trends, insights, and opportunities to start off 2024 with the latest data.

Philadelphia Liquor FAQ

  • What are the top liquor brands in Philadelphia? Tito’s Vodka, Aperol, Bulleit, and Bacardi lead the pack, with each representing a different category.
  • What is the most popular liquor category in Philadelphia? Tequila takes the top spot, followed by bourbon and vodka.
  • What is the most popular cocktail in Philadelphia? The classic Martini remains king, followed by the Espresso Martini and other variations.
  • What are some up-and-coming trends in Philadelphia’s liquor scene? Italian aperitifs like Aperol are gaining popularity, and tequila continues to rise in demand.
  • Where can I find more information about Philadelphia’s liquor scene? Check out our blog for in-depth insights and the full Key Market Report with interactive data.



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