New York City Liquor Insights: On-Premise Alcohol Market Data

Cityscape of the New York Liquor Market

From the bustling bars of Brooklyn to the sophisticated lounges of Manhattan, this blog distills key insights from the diverse and competitive environment of New York’s liquor bars and restaurants, highlighting the top brands/suppliers that are defining the city’s drinking culture. Our findings reveal not just the top brands that dominate the scene but also the taste profile of the city, offering a direct look into the preferences shaping one of the world’s most dynamic liquor markets.

Overproof’s Key Market Report offers insight into 13 top U.S. markets, including what suppliers, brands, categories, and cocktails lead by venue placements, menu, and cocktail mentions. Download the free report preview to get a snapshot of what’s leading on-premise in Charlotte, Nashville, New York City, and Philadelphia.

What’s Included

  • 13 Markets
  • 9,127 Venues
  • 94.1K Menus
  • 861 Suppliers
  • 2,248 Brands
  • 1.9M Menu Mentions

Understanding the New York Liquor Market Data Breakdown

Venue placements – total venues that mention the supplier, brand or product category. 
Menu mentions – amount of times a product is mentioned. 
Cocktails – amount of mentions a brand/supplier has in cocktails.

New York Liquor Market Data – Key Takeaways

In the bustling heart of New York City’s liquor market, Campari captures the spotlight with a remarkable 5,709 menu mentions, marking it as the city’s preferred choice. Not far behind, Aperol garners 2nd place in mentions, showcasing the city’s growing fondness for Italian aperitifs. The tequila segment is fiercely competitive, with Casamigos and Don Julio vying closely for 3rd and 4th, underscoring the rising popularity of tequila among New Yorkers. Tito’s rounds off the top five, maintaining its strong presence in the vodka category.

Tequila emerges as the dominant category in New York City’s liquor landscape, significantly outpacing others, led by front-runners Don Julio, Casamigos, and Patrón. Whiskey follows suit, with Scotch and Bourbon clinching the second and third spots, highlighting the diverse palate of the city’s inhabitants.

Contrary to the prevailing dominance of tequila, the Martini reigns supreme as the most frequently mentioned cocktail on menus, reflecting the city’s enduring love for this classic. The Negroni and Margarita closely trail, securing their positions as second and third favorites.

Methodology Behind the Report

Overproof’s leading menu analysis technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to read and extract insights from beverage menus at scale. Our proprietary algorithms scan digital and physical menus to understand their composition and capture cocktails, branded beers, winesspirits and non-alcoholic beverages, product categories and subcategories, price pointpromotional indicators, sponsorship indicators, cocktail styles and cocktail families. In a matter of seconds, Overproof identifies the brands, products, suppliers and recipes on each menu.

Overproof’s menu database includes more than 2.5 million venues with coverage across the U.S. This report includes 9,127 venues in 13 markets. Some markets will include surrounding areas. A complete list of counties and venues included can be found at the end of the report. Venues were filtered to include only those which have branded products listed on the menu. The majority of venues will have more than one menu (happy hour, dinner, etc.), and all menus for a particular venue are considered in the dataset.

More Markets?

Interested in more markets? We have identified the leading suppliers, brands, and categories in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and South Florida. Click HERE to learn how to access our full report and interactive dashboard. Identify trends, insights, and opportunities to start off 2024 with the latest data.

New York Liquor FAQ

  • What are the top liquor brands in New York City? Campari reigns supreme, followed by Aperol, Casamigos, Don Julio, and Tito’s.
  • What is the most popular liquor category in New York City? Tequila takes the top spot, followed by whiskey (Scotch and Bourbon).
  • What is the most popular cocktail in New York City? The classic Martini holds its ground, followed by the Negroni and Margarita.
  • Is there a trend in New York City’s drinking scene? Italian aperitifs like Aperol are gaining popularity, while tequila continues to rise in demand



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