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The New York liquor market, known for its complexity and competitiveness, is a critical area for industry professionals to understand. It encompasses a range of distributors, from national chains with widespread influence to local entities with deep insights into specific urban and suburban markets. This post provides a comprehensive overview of both major and local distributors operating in New York and offers a detailed examination of New York’s distinctive liquor laws, essential knowledge for anyone in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Major Distributors in New York

In New York, the liquor distribution sector is marked by several influential players. These distributors are central to the state’s beverage industry, significantly shaping market trends, bringing new products to the forefront, and ensuring a steady supply to retailers and consumers. This section outlines the major liquor distributors in New York, focusing on their histories, the broad spectrum of brands they offer, and their particular areas of regional expertise.

1. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

  • Background: As one of the largest alcohol distributors in the United States, Southern Glazer’s has a substantial operation across 45 states, including New York. They’re known for a vast network that covers a wide range of beverage alcohol brands.
  • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes a variety of craft spirits, global wine, and spirit brands, covering a broad spectrum of alcoholic beverages.
  • Region Specialization: Southern Glazer’s serves the entire state of New York, offering extensive distribution services in both urban and rural areas.

2. Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC)

  • Background: RNDC is a significant player in the alcohol distribution industry with operations in several states, including New York. They are known for their comprehensive range of services and extensive market reach.
  • Brands Carried: The company works with both domestic and imported brands, offering a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages.
  • Region Specialization: RNDC’s operation in New York encompasses a wide range of territories, servicing various regions across the state.

3. Breakthru Beverage Group

  • Background: Breakthru Beverage Group has a strong presence in the U.S. and Canada, with New York being a key market. They are recognized for their tailored services and strong customer relationships.
  • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes everything from craft spirits to major wine and spirit brands, catering to a diverse clientele.
  • Region Specialization: Operating in New York, Breakthru Beverage Group services a mix of metropolitan and suburban areas, with a focus on tailored distribution strategies.

Local Liquor Distributors in New York

Beyond the major distributors, New York’s liquor market is complemented by a variety of local distributors. These companies add their own distinctive flair to the market, often focusing on niche products, which include locally crafted spirits, beers, and wines unique to the state. This section explores the operations of five such local distributors in New York. We will examine their backgrounds, the specific brands they carry, and the regions they cater to.

1. Manhattan Beer Distributors

  • Background: As one of New York’s leading beer and beverage distributors, Manhattan Beer Distributors is known for its comprehensive portfolio and dedication to quality service.
  • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes a wide array of beer, hard seltzer, flavored malt, cider, non-alcoholic, and wine products.
  • Region Specialization: They cover New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley, serving a diverse range of clients from urban centers to suburban areas.

2. Carousel Beverages

  • Background: One of New York City’s largest distributors of beer, soda, and other beverages, Carousel Beverages is noted for its fast delivery and extensive product range.
  • Brands Carried: They offer a wide variety of beers and other beverages, catering to a broad customer base.
  • Region Specialization: Primarily focused on New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, they are known for their efficient distribution within the city.

3. Lake Beverage Corporation

  • Background: Family-owned since 1944, Lake Beverage Corporation prides itself on its long history and commitment to exceptional service.
  • Brands Carried: They distribute a range of products including beers from large breweries like Anheuser-Busch to regional and local craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries.
  • Region Specialization: Their distribution network spans across New York State in counties like Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Ontario, Yates, and part of Steuben.

4. Skurnik Wines and Spirits

  • Background: Based in Metro New York, Skurnik Wines and Spirits is a family-owned distributor with a focus on high-quality, artisanal spirits. They have built a reputation for carefully curating a diverse portfolio that emphasizes unique and small-batch products.
  • Brands Carried: Skurnik offers a range of craft spirits including bourbons from small distilleries like Widow Jane, rums like Rhum J.M from Martinique, and a selection of artisanal gins and vodkas. Their portfolio also extends to a variety of specialty liqueurs and amaros.
  • Region Specialization: While they are based in New York, their distribution primarily covers the Northeastern United States, with a strong focus on the metropolitan New York area, including both the city and its surrounding regions.

5. T. Edward Wines & Spirits

  • Background: T. Edward Wines & Spirits, headquartered in New York City, is known for its dedication to representing independent producers of fine spirits and wines. They specialize in handcrafted, sustainably made products, providing a platform for smaller, boutique labels.
  • Brands Carried: Their selection includes unique spirits such as small-batch mezcals, craft whiskies, and organic vodkas. They also represent a variety of artisanal wine producers, emphasizing organic and biodynamic practices.
  • Region Specialization: T. Edward focuses on the New York market, servicing restaurants, bars, and retail stores across New York City and its surrounding areas, offering a personalized approach to distribution in this diverse and sophisticated market.

New York Liquor Laws

  • Three-Tier System Compliance: New York also strictly adheres to the three-tier system in alcohol distribution. This framework mandates a separation between producers, distributors, and retailers. As such, producers like breweries, wineries, and distilleries are required to sell their products through distributors, who then supply to retailers. This system is in place to prevent monopolistic practices and ensure a competitive market.
  • Direct Shipping Regulations: New York has specific laws regarding direct-to-consumer shipping of alcoholic beverages. Wineries have more leeway to ship directly to consumers within the state, but breweries and distilleries face stricter regulations. This significantly affects the range of products that distributors can offer, particularly from out-of-state producers.
  • SLA (State Liquor Authority) Regulations: The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) imposes strict licensing requirements for alcohol distributors, with each license carrying its own set of regulations and compliance requirements. These include adherence to zoning laws, maintaining detailed records, and ensuring compliance with both state and federal laws.
  • Corkage Laws: New York has specific corkage laws, which are regulations that allow customers to bring their own bottle of wine to consume at a licensed establishment. This unique aspect of New York’s liquor laws impacts how restaurants and bars interact with distributors and consumers.
  • Promotion of Local Products: New York has initiatives and laws designed to promote local breweries, wineries, and distilleries, such as the Farm Brewery Law, which encourages the sale and distribution of locally produced alcoholic beverages. Distributors in New York often focus on local products to take advantage of these initiatives.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding liquor distributors in New York, particularly if this information is being used for business decisions or legal compliance, it’s crucial to refer to the latest state regulations or consult a professional knowledgeable in New York’s alcohol laws.


  • Who are the biggest liquor distributors in New York?
    • Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, Empire Merchants, Charmer Industries, Manhattan Beer Distributors, and DeCrescente Distributing Company are major players.
  • What types of liquor distributors are there in New York?
    • You’ll find statewide, regional, and specialty distributors focusing on craft beers, wines, imported spirits, or specific brands.
  • Do I need a license to buy liquor from a distributor in New York?
    • Yes, a valid business license and New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) license are required to purchase from distributors.
  • Where can I find a craft beer distributor in New York City?
    • Manhattan Beer Distributors, Craft Beer Guild of New York, and Big Apple Beer Distributors are known for their diverse craft beer selections.



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