Who is Park Street Imports?

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Park Street Imports: The Company’s Founding and Evolution

Founded in 2003, Park Street Imports was established by Dr. Harry Kohlmann and Chris Mehringer. Dr. Kohlmann, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, brought his extensive experience as a strategy consultant in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, specializing in alcoholic beverages. His background includes working with leading global beverage companies on a range of initiatives, from new product development to growth strategies. Mr. Mehringer, the President of Park Street, previously led a national consumer products distribution company, bringing valuable insights and experience in operations and strategic relationships with major consumer products companies.

Since its inception in 2003, Park Street Imports has been dedicated to revolutionizing the way alcoholic beverage brands manage distribution, compliance, and back-office operations. The company’s journey from its early days to becoming a leader in the industry is marked by a commitment to innovation and adapting to the evolving needs of both emerging and established brands in the beverage sector. This evolution reflects the founders’ vision and the company’s deep understanding of the industry’s needs.

In-Depth Look at Park Street Imports’ Services

At the core of Park Street Imports’ offerings is a suite of services designed to simplify and enhance the distribution process for alcoholic beverage brands. Their approach is comprehensive, covering several critical areas:

  1. Importing and Distribution: Park Street plays a crucial role in facilitating the importation of alcoholic beverages into the U.S. and the European Union. They manage the intricacies of cross-border distribution, ensuring that products move through markets efficiently and cost-effectively. This service is great for brands looking to expand their reach while navigating the complexities of international trade.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the regulatory landscape of the beverage industry is a daunting task for many brands. Park Street brings to the table its expertise in compliance across all 50 U.S. states and the EU. This expertise is helpful for brands aiming to meet legal requirements and avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance.
  3. Back-Office Solutions: Understanding the operational challenges faced by beverage brands, Parkstreet offers a range of back-office services. These include comprehensive accounting solutions and transaction management, catering to both domestic and international suppliers.
  4. Advisory and Financial Services: Beyond logistics and compliance, Parkstreet provides strategic advisory services. They assist with strategy development for market entry and growth, offering insights that help brands scale effectively.

Overproof’s Collaboration with Park Street Imports

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Park Street Imports in sharing industry insights through various Youtube videos.

1. Bar Menu Trends for Tales of the Cocktail: Overproof was featured in a video discussing bar menu trends for Tales of the Cocktail 2023. This feature allowed us to share our insights on the latest trends in bar menus, offering valuable information for brands looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of the beverage industry.

2. SOND Strategy Video Series: Our former National Sales Director Todd Richman participated in a three-part video series as part of Park Street Imports’ SOND Strategy series. These videos provided in-depth knowledge and strategies on various aspects of beverage brand promotion and distribution:

  • How To Build A Retail Alcohol Sample Program | SOND Strategy: This video offered a guide on preparing an effective retail alcohol sample program, a crucial aspect of marketing and brand promotion in the beverage industry.
  • How to Execute & Analyze Your Retail Alcohol Sample Program | SOND Strategy: In this segment, the focus was on the execution and analysis of retail alcohol sample programs, providing brands with insights on how to measure success and optimize their strategies.
  • Chains vs Independents For In-Store Alcohol Sampling: Which Is Best For Your Brand? | SOND Strategy: This video tackled the decision-making process between choosing chain stores or independent retailers for in-store alcohol sampling, offering strategic advice for brands to make the most effective choice based on their specific goals and target audience.


What is Park Street Imports?

  • Park Street Imports is a leading provider of import, distribution, and back-office services for alcoholic beverage brands, helping them expand their reach, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up their time to focus on strategic growth.

What are the benefits of using Park Street Imports?

  • Expanded reach into new markets, reduced distribution, compliance, and back-office costs, improved efficiency and faster time to market, and more time to focus on strategic business aspects.

How can Park Street Imports help my alcoholic beverage brand?

  • Park Street Imports can help your brand expand into new markets, reduce costs, improve efficiency, free up your time, and provide strategic guidance for market entry and growth.

How can I get started with Park Street Imports?

  • Contact Park Street Imports to discuss your specific needs, receive a proposal outlining their services and fees, and sign a contract to begin working together.



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