Inside Florida’s Liquor Distributor Landscape

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Florida’s liquor distribution sector plays a pivotal role in the state’s dynamic beverage industry. In this overview, discover key details about some of the major liquor distributors in Florida, including their backgrounds, the diverse brands they carry, and their areas of regional specialization. Following that, we’ll also shine a light on several local distributors, showcasing their unique contributions to the region. Additionally, we’ll delve into the unique aspects of Florida’s liquor laws and how they impact distributors. This includes an exploration of the regulatory environment that shapes the way alcohol is distributed and sold within the state, offering valuable context for understanding the challenges and opportunities in Florida’s liquor market.

Major Liquor Distributors in Florida

In the sunny state of Florida, the liquor distribution landscape is dominated by several major players. These distributors are not just conduits for alcoholic beverages; they are pivotal in shaping market trends, introducing new products, and ensuring a steady supply to retailers and consumers alike. This section provides an overview of the major liquor distributors in Florida, highlighting their backgrounds, the range of brands they carry, and their specific regional specializations.

  1. Breakthru Beverage Florida
    • Background: Breakthru Beverage Florida, part of Breakthru Beverage Group, is a leading distributor in the Florida liquor market. They are known for their extensive experience in the industry and their strong relationships with both suppliers and retailers.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes a wide range of spirits, from premium brands like Grey Goose Vodka and Hennessy Cognac to popular labels such as Jack Daniel’s and Captain Morgan. They also carry a diverse selection of wines and beers, catering to various tastes and preferences.
    • Region Specialization: Breakthru Beverage Florida operates throughout the state, covering major cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, as well as smaller communities, ensuring comprehensive coverage and service across Florida.
  2. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Florida
    • Background: As part of the nation’s largest wine and spirits distributor, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Florida brings a formidable presence in the Florida market. They are recognized for their extensive network and expertise in wine and spirits distribution.
    • Brands Carried: Their extensive catalog features numerous well-known spirits brands, including Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, and Smirnoff, alongside a broad selection of wines from around the world and a variety of craft and mainstream beers.
    • Region Specialization: Southern Glazer’s has a wide reach in Florida, servicing all major markets including the bustling nightlife of Miami, the tourist hubs of Orlando, and the diverse communities of the Tampa Bay area, among others.
  3. Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) – Florida
    • Background: RNDC is a major player in the Florida liquor distribution scene, known for its commitment to service excellence and a customer-centric approach. They have a strong foothold in the market, backed by years of industry experience.
    • Brands Carried: RNDC Florida offers a diverse portfolio that includes high-end spirits like Patron Tequila and Woodford Reserve Bourbon, popular wines, and a variety of beer options. Their selection caters to a wide range of consumer preferences and market demands.
    • Region Specialization: Their distribution network spans across Florida, with a focus on key areas like Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beaches, along with a presence in smaller towns and communities, ensuring broad and effective market penetration.

Local Distributors

Beyond the major players, Florida’s liquor market is enriched by a host of local distributors. These entities bring a unique flavor to the market, often specializing in niche products, including locally crafted spirits, beers, and wines. This section delves into the operations of five such local distributors, exploring their backgrounds, the specific brands they carry, and the regions they specialize in. These local distributors are instrumental in catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of Florida’s diverse population.

  1. Cavalier Distributing
    • Background: Established as a craft beer distributor, Cavalier Distributing has expanded its reach in Florida, focusing on unique and artisanal beers. They are known for championing small, independent breweries and bringing their products to the Florida market.
    • Brands Carried: They specialize in craft beers from both local and national breweries, including Cigar City Brewing, Bell’s Brewery, and Dogfish Head. Their portfolio also includes a selection of craft ciders and meads.
    • Region Specialization: Cavalier Distributing operates primarily in central and northern Florida, focusing on areas like Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, with a commitment to growing the craft beer scene in these regions.
  2. Opici Family Distributing
    • Background: Opici Family Distributing, with a rich family history in the wine business, has become a prominent name in Florida’s wine distribution. They emphasize family-owned, value-driven wines and pride themselves on their personalized customer service.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio is rich in wines from around the world, including Italian, Spanish, French, and New World wines, catering to a diverse range of palates and preferences.
    • Region Specialization: They cover the entire state of Florida, with a strong presence in both major urban centers and smaller communities, ensuring wide accessibility to their extensive wine selection.
  3. Florida Craft Distributors
    • Background: Florida Craft Distributors focus exclusively on Florida-brewed craft beers, supporting the local brewing community and helping to grow the state’s craft beer culture.
    • Brands Carried: They distribute a variety of local Florida craft beers, including offerings from breweries like Funky Buddha, Green Bench Brewing Co., and Tampa Bay Brewing Company.
    • Region Specialization: Their distribution is mainly concentrated in central and southern Florida, including the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach areas.
  4. Premier Beverage Company
    • Background: Premier Beverage Company is a well-established distributor in Florida, known for its diverse portfolio of spirits, wines, and beers. They have a strong emphasis on customer relations and market trends.
    • Brands Carried: They carry a wide range of products, from premium spirits like Tequila Patron and Tito’s Handmade Vodka to a variety of fine wines and popular beers.
    • Region Specialization: Their focus is on the statewide market, with a particularly strong presence in major cities such as Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.
  5. Transatlantic Spirits
    • Background: Specializing in imported spirits, Transatlantic Spirits is a Florida-based distributor that brings a variety of international liquors to the local market. They are particularly known for their selection of tequilas and other Latin American spirits.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes a range of tequilas, mezcals, and rums, with brands like Don Julio, Mezcal Vago, and Flor de Caña.
    • Region Specialization: They primarily focus on the South Florida region, catering to the diverse and culturally rich communities in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas.

Florida Liquor and Distributor Laws

Navigating the Florida liquor market is not just about understanding its players; it’s also about comprehending the complex web of laws and regulations that govern it. This section sheds light on some of the unique and interesting laws pertaining to liquor distribution in Florida. From the strict adherence to the three-tier system to the direct shipping restrictions that impact how out-of-state alcohol reaches Florida consumers, these laws shape how distributors operate within the state. Understanding these regulations is essential for anyone looking to navigate the intricacies of Florida’s dynamic liquor market.

  1. Three-Tier System: Florida strictly adheres to the three-tier system for alcohol distribution. This system mandates that producers (breweries, wineries, distilleries), distributors, and retailers must be separate entities. This means that manufacturers can’t sell directly to retailers but must go through distributors. This system is designed to prevent monopolies and encourage competition.
  2. Tied House Evil Laws: These laws are designed to prevent alcohol manufacturers from exerting undue influence over retailers. In Florida, this means there are restrictions on exclusive deals and other business arrangements between producers, distributors, and retailers. For example, a distributor cannot offer exclusive rights to a retailer in exchange for preferential shelf placement or other benefits.
  3. Direct Shipping Restrictions: Florida has specific regulations regarding direct-to-consumer shipping of alcoholic beverages. While wineries can ship directly to consumers in Florida, the rules are more restrictive for out-of-state breweries and distilleries. This impacts how distributors work with out-of-state producers in terms of getting their products to Florida consumers.
  4. Licensing for Distributors: Florida requires specific licenses for alcohol distributors, separate from those required for producers or retailers. These licenses come with their own set of rules and regulations, including zoning requirements, record-keeping mandates, and compliance with local, state, and federal laws.
  5. No Sale of Spirits in Grocery Stores: Unlike some states where you can buy spirits in grocery stores, Florida law requires spirits to be sold in separate liquor stores. This affects distributors as they have to navigate different channels for the distribution of spirits versus beer and wine, which can be sold in grocery and convenience stores.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, particularly if this information is being used for business decisions or legal compliance, it’s crucial to refer to the latest state regulations or consult a professional knowledgeable in Florida’s alcohol laws.


  • What are the largest liquor distributors in Florida?
    • Breakthru Beverage Florida, Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida, Johnson Brothers of Florida, Gold Coast Beverage, and Florida Craft Distributors are some of the largest players in the state.
  • What are the best craft liquor distributors in Florida?
    • Florida Craft Distributors, Craft Beer Guild of Florida, and Big Easy Beer & Wine are known for their focus on local and independent brands.
  • What types of liquor distributors are there in Florida?
    • There are a variety, including statewide distributors, regional distributors, and specialty distributors focused on specific brands or categories like craft spirits.
  • What are the payment terms for liquor distributors in Florida?
    • Net 30 is common, but some may offer credit terms or discounts for early payment.



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