Overproof Espresso Martini Cocktail Report

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Known for its caffeinated rich flavor that appeals to a wide audience, the espresso martini has carved its way into the modern cocktail scene. Overproof’s Espresso Martini Cocktail Report breaks down the cocktail’s DNA by analyzing all branded menu mentions identified on bar menus across the United States. The report highlights the top suppliers and brands across three product categories, the top brands by cocktail name and region, the top 10 markets and the leading brand pairings.

Gain insight into the market dynamics and how alcohol brands can engage with the growing espresso martini trend in 2024.

Data Summary: Espresso Martini Cocktail Report

  • 172 suppliers
  • 368 brands
  • 4.7k venues
  • 9.8k menus
  • 16.9k menu mentions

Top Suppliers

Pernod Ricard holds a significant lead in the espresso martini cocktail, accounting for 31.1% of the market share. Diageo and Tito’s Vodka are not far behind, securing 20.1% and 7.2% of the market, respectively. Campari and Stoli Group trail behind in 4th and 5th place.

Top Brands

Kahlua reigns supreme in the espresso martini market, commanding 26.2% of the market share. Baileys comes in second place with 9.9% and Tito’s in third with 7.2%. However, Tito’s is the leading choice of vodka brands in espresso martinis with 19.6%. Absolut and Ketel One are the next go-to vodka brands in espresso martinis, claiming 12% and 10.5% of menu mentions, respectively. So, when you’re ordering an espresso martini at a bar, chances are it’ll be mixed with Tito’s and Kahlua — a popular duo for this caffeinated cocktail.

Espresso Martini Cocktail Variations

The espresso martini isn’t confined to its classic recipe. Our report reveals regional variations, showing how different brands and products are revamping the classic espresso martini. By understanding these preferences, you can adapt your cocktail strategy in 2024.

About Overproof’s Espresso Martini Cocktail Report

As the leading business intelligence platform for global alcohol brands, Overproof uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and understand beverage menus at scale. With our technology, we can identify the brands, products, suppliers, cocktails and cocktail styles listed on a menu, which enables our customers to benchmark performance and prioritize sales efforts based on factors like venue type, product category, market, cocktail or competitor presence and price point.

In our database, 9.4k venues feature the espresso martini. This snapshot report covers its presence in more than 4.7k independent bars and restaurants with branded menu mentions from May to October 2023. Download now to understand the current landscape and future direction of the espresso martini cocktail.



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