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Georgia’s liquor distribution sector is a key component of the state’s dynamic beverage industry. Learn about some of the major liquor distributors in Georgia with an overview highlighting their backgrounds, the range of brands they carry, and their specific regional specializations. Then, discover some local region distributors and how they contribute to Georgia’s diverse beverage landscape. Additionally, we’ll delve into the unique aspects of Georgia’s liquor laws and how they influence distributors in the state, including local regulations and county-specific rules.

Major Liquor Distributors

In Georgia, the liquor distribution landscape features several influential players. These distributors do more than just supply alcoholic beverages; they significantly impact market trends, introduce new products, and ensure a reliable supply chain to retailers and consumers. This section provides an overview of the major liquor distributors in Georgia, highlighting their backgrounds, the variety of brands they offer, and their specific regional specializations. From the vibrant city life of Atlanta to the serene settings of the coastal areas, these distributors are essential in supporting the state’s dynamic liquor market.

  1. Savannah Distributing Company
    • Background: Savannah Distributing Company, a long-standing player in Georgia’s beverage distribution sector, is recognized for its extensive experience and commitment to quality. They have established themselves as a key distributor in the state, known for their excellent customer service and diverse product range.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes a wide selection of spirits, wines, and craft beers, featuring prominent brands like Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, and a variety of local and international wines.
    • Region Specialization: Savannah Distributing Company primarily serves the Savannah area and other parts of Georgia, focusing on a mix of urban and suburban markets, and catering to a diverse clientele that includes bars, restaurants, and retail stores.
  2. National Distributing Company, Inc. (NDC)
    • Background: As one of the nation’s leading alcohol beverage distribution companies, NDC has a significant presence in Georgia. They are known for their comprehensive selection of products and a strong focus on customer relationships and service.
    • Brands Carried: NDC’s extensive catalog features a wide array of spirits, wines, and beers, including top brands like Jack Daniel’s, Crown Royal, and a diverse selection of both domestic and imported wines.
    • Region Specialization: Their operations span across Georgia, including major cities like Atlanta, Augusta, and Columbus, ensuring a wide reach and effective distribution in both metropolitan and rural areas of the state.
  3. United Distributors, Inc.
    • Background: United Distributors is a key distributor in Georgia, known for its expansive portfolio and dedication to the growth and evolution of the beverage industry in the state.
    • Brands Carried: They offer a broad range of products, from renowned spirits such as Grey Goose and Jim Beam to popular beers and an extensive wine selection, catering to a variety of tastes and market demands.
    • Region Specialization: Based in Atlanta, United Distributors has a strong presence throughout Georgia, delivering to a wide range of customers including large retail chains, independent retailers, and hospitality venues across the state.

Local Distributors

Beyond the major distributors, Georgia’s liquor market boasts a variety of local distributors who add their own distinctive touch. These businesses often focus on niche products, including spirits, beers, and wines crafted within the state. In this section, we delve into the operations of several such local distributors in Georgia. We’ll explore their backgrounds, the specific brands they offer, and the areas they serve. From artisanal spirits made in the heart of Atlanta to unique craft beers from the rolling hills of the Georgia countryside, these local distributors play a vital role in bringing diverse and specialized options to the state’s liquor market.

  1. Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc.
    • Background: Based in Atlanta, Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc. is a locally-focused distributor known for its curated selection of fine wines and spirits. This distributor prides itself on offering unique and high-quality products, with a strong emphasis on customer service and product knowledge.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio features a diverse array of boutique wines and craft spirits, including small-batch whiskies, artisanal gins, and a selection of international and domestic wines chosen for their quality and distinctiveness.
    • Region Specialization: They primarily serve the Atlanta metro area and its surroundings, focusing on upscale restaurants, boutique wine shops, and discerning consumers looking for unique beverage options.
  2. Prime Wine & Spirits
    • Background: Prime Wine & Spirits, a Georgia-based distributor, is known for its dedication to sourcing and providing a diverse range of quality wines and spirits. They have a reputation for personalized service and a commitment to building strong relationships with both suppliers and customers.
    • Brands Carried: Their selection includes a mix of well-known and emerging wine brands, specialty spirits, and a variety of craft and imported beers, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes.
    • Region Specialization: Operating mainly in the state of Georgia, they have a strong presence in various regions, with a focus on small to medium-sized retailers and hospitality establishments.
  3. Ultimate Distributors
    • Background: Ultimate Distributors, based in Atlanta, is recognized for its focus on innovative and high-quality alcoholic beverages. They specialize in hand-picked selections and are known for their enthusiasm for introducing new and exciting products to the market.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio is rich in craft spirits, including unique vodkas, gins, and a range of artisanal wines, emphasizing products that stand out for their craftsmanship and story.
    • Region Specialization: They serve primarily the Atlanta area, targeting boutique bars, restaurants, and specialty retail stores that seek distinctive beverage offerings.
  4. Atlanta Beverage Company
    • Background: With a history dating back to 1930, Atlanta Beverage Company is a key distributor with a focus on supporting the local beverage community. They are known for their commitment to both classic and innovative options in the industry.
    • Brands Carried: They are notable for carrying local Georgia brands such as SweetWater Brewing Company and Terrapin Beer Co., alongside a curated selection of craft beers from across the nation. Their wine and spirits selection includes popular and boutique labels, catering to a diverse clientele.
    • Region Specialization: Concentrating on the Greater Atlanta area, they supply a range of retail outlets, restaurants, and bars, particularly those with a focus on craft and local products.
  5. Empire Distributors, Inc.
    • Background: Operating since 1940, Empire Distributors, Inc. has made a name for itself in the distribution of fine wines, spirits, and craft beers, with a focus on quality and uniqueness.
    • Brands Carried: Their portfolio includes high-end spirits like Macallan Scotch and Grey Goose Vodka, fine wines from renowned vineyards around the world, and specialty craft beers from breweries such as Bell’s Brewery and Dogfish Head. They cater to a market of connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking premium and unique beverages.
    • Region Specialization: Their distribution network spans the entire state of Georgia, with a particular focus on upscale dining establishments, wine bar

Georgia Liquor and Distributor Laws

Navigating the Georgia liquor market involves more than just understanding its key players; it’s also about grasping the intricate web of laws and regulations that govern it. This section highlights some of the unique and interesting laws specific to liquor distribution in Georgia. From the rigorous enforcement of the three-tier system to the direct shipping restrictions that affect how alcohol from outside the state reaches Georgia consumers, these laws significantly influence distributor operations. A thorough understanding of these regulations is crucial for anyone aiming to successfully navigate the complexities of Georgia’s dynamic liquor market.

  1. Three-Tier System Compliance: Georgia adheres to the three-tier system, segregating alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers. This system is designed to prevent monopolies and ensure fair competition. Distributors play a key role as intermediaries in this structure.
  2. Direct Shipping Restrictions: In Georgia, while wineries may have permits for direct-to-consumer shipping, breweries and distilleries face stricter regulations. This impacts distributors’ relationships with out-of-state producers and the variety of products available in Georgia.
  3. Franchise Laws: Georgia’s alcohol distribution is influenced by franchise laws, which create long-term bonds between suppliers and distributors. These laws provide stability in distributor-supplier relationships but can also limit flexibility.
  4. Sunday Sales Restrictions: Georgia has specific rules regarding Sunday alcohol sales, affecting distribution schedules and strategies. Distributors need to navigate these restrictions to effectively meet retail and consumer demands.
  5. Local Control and Dry Counties: Georgia allows significant local jurisdiction control over alcohol laws, leading to a patchwork of regulations. For example, counties like Clay, Webster, and Glascock remain “dry,” prohibiting the sale of alcohol. Distributors must navigate these diverse local laws, which vary from one county to another, to operate effectively.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, particularly if this information is being used for business decisions or legal compliance, it’s crucial to refer to the latest state regulations or consult a professional knowledgeable in Georgia’s alcohol laws.


  • Who are the top liquor distributors in Georgia?
    • Georgia Crown Distributing, United Distributors Inc., Savannah Distributing Company, Empire Distributors, and Atlanta Beverage Company are some of the leading players.
  • Where can I find a craft beer distributor in Georgia?
    • United Distributors Inc., Athens Distributing Company, and Georgia Craft Distributors are known for their extensive craft beer selections.
  • Are there distributors for high-end liquors in Georgia?
    • Empire Distributors, Savannah Distributing Company, and Georgia Crown all carry premium brands and spirits.
  • Do I need a special license to buy liquor from a distributor in Georgia?
    • Yes, you typically need a valid business license and Georgia ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) license to purchase from distributors.
  • What types of liquor distributors are there in Georgia?
    • Similar to Florida, you’ll find statewide distributors, regional distributors, and specialty distributors focusing on craft, spirits, or specific brands.



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