The Most Popular Blended Scotch Whiskies in the U.S. (2023)

While American whiskey (especially bourbon) continues to soar, Scotch has had a hard time finding its footing in the U.S. market. After growing by 2 percent to 5.8 million cases in U.S. sales last year, blended Scotch whisky volume is down 3 percent in control states so far this year, according to Impact Databank. However, some brands have still managed to prosper in 2023.

Brands that seem to fare well in the current blended Scotch landscape are those still innovating and continuing to launch new releases. For example, the fastest-growing Scotch brand in control states so far in 2023 has been Buchanan’s, which is in the Diageo portfolio. This growth has largely been driven by the release of its new pineapple-flavored expression, which proved to be a popular addition to the brand’s lineup.

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