Allegiant Air Wants To Sell You Whiskey That Costs More Than Your Ticket

Budget airlines are known for cutting costs at every corner — from minimizing leg room to restricting checked bags — but when it comes to beverages, they’re actually upping their game. Low-cost airlines like Allegiant, Spirit, and Frontier are building their premium alcohol offerings in the hopes you’ll ease the discomfort of your cramped, TV-less chair with some Johnnie Walker Blue Label that costs more than your plane ticket.

These airlines are actually tapping into a phenomenon spurred by inflation that the Wall Street Journal dubbed split-brain spending: consumers are cutting back on everyday necessities to feel more comfortable splurging on premium products, including booze. So while many fliers might find it preposterous to spend extra on a business class flight or an extra checked bag, they’re also more willing to treat themselves to a special drink mid-air — especially to take the edge off on a less-than-luxurious flight.

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