The Ultimate Guide to Working With Influencer Accounts

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Our Guide to Working with Influencer Accounts is the ultimate resource for leveraging the power of influencer partnerships, featuring exclusive intel from top brand ambassadors.

Looking to collaborate with influential bars that shape the market? Our new guide, “Working with Influencer Accounts,” unveils exclusive insights from the country’s top brand ambassadors, including some of 2023’s Spirited Awards’ Best Brand Ambassador nominees.

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Influencer accounts—those bars and establishments that spearhead market trends and wield a tremendous influence on consumer tastes—are not just trendsetters but trend creators. Their influence seeps through the entire drinks ecosystem, empowering suppliers, shaping brand trajectories, and ultimately propelling product categories towards national growth.

Simply put, influencer accounts are the bars that shape the rest of the market. They set the trends that help suppliers, brands and product categories reach national growth. With their unique ability to captivate consumers, they hold tremendous influence over preferences and purchasing decisions. By collaborating with influencer accounts, alcohol brands can gain exposure and establish a strong market presence.

Featured Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Working with Influencer Accounts

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Whether you’re working with a seasoned brand or a newcomer to the alcohol industry, this guide will provide you with insights from some of the best in the business. You’ll find practical tips, strategies, and invaluable dos and don’ts, so you set yourself up for success when you approach these types of accounts.

By following the advice of industry experts, you’ll unlock the potential to revolutionize your brand’s reach, connect with a broader consumer base, and drive significant growth in the competitive alcohol industry.

Download our guide to meet the ambassadors, whose advice will be attributed by their initials throughout, and discover how to harness the power of influencer accounts, set trends, and make a lasting impact for your alcohol brand on the national stage.


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