The Alcohol Supplier’s Guide to Working with Sampling Agencies

Download Overproof's free guide to working with sampling agencies and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to choose the right agency for your alcohol brand.

As an adult beverage (wine, spirits, RTD or non-alcoholic cocktail) supplier, including sampling events in your retail strategy is key. However, as you scale up your business, you will reach a point when you can no longer execute those samplings on your own. That’s ok, in fact, that’s great! It’s a good sign your business is growing. Now, it’s time to outsource to an agency. 

Suppliers like you often turn to a field marketing agency that executes samplings or staffing agency to help them with the logistics of executing in-store sampling events. These agencies are instrumental in making sure that not only is a sampling staffed, but that staff acts as an extension of the supplier, representing the brand as a third-party ambassador.

But knowing how to choose the perfect agency is a daunting question.  You must trust an agency and its agents to speak proudly and be well-versed on your brands. You’ll rely on them not only for staffing, but also inventory checks, generating conversions and sales in the off-premise, leaving a good impression with your customers, store managers, and ultimately, providing accurate reporting on every event.

Additionally, you want your agency to be agile, adaptive and willing to embrace innovation and change to help your brand succeed. Let’s also not forget that you have a budget you need to work within. No, it’s no easy feat for suppliers like you to get a true ROI from their agency partners, but in this guide, we’ll help you find an agency that helps your brand win in the off-premise.

What’s Included in the Alcohol Supplier’s Guide to Working with Sampling Agencies:


  • The Process

Finding the Right Agency for Your Brand

  • Types of agencies
  • Questions to ask  

Agency Pricing

Things to Look Out For with Sampling Agencies

Why You Should Download Overproof’s Guide to Working with Sampling Agencies

This guide is designed to help alcohol brands navigate the complex world of promotional agencies, ensuring that you select the perfect partner to create memorable, effective experiences for your target audience. We’ll discuss the importance of understanding your brand’s unique needs, the key factors to consider when evaluating potential agencies, and tips for maintaining a successful long-term partnership. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to make an informed decision that will elevate your brand and drive sales.



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