Store Sampling 101 Guide for Alcohol Brands

Download Overproof's free Store Sampling 101 Guide to learn how to successfully plan, execute and manage sampling programs while gathering data in the process.

In-store samplings are a key component of any beverage brand’s strategy. A successful in-store sampling can work wonders for a wine, spirit or beer brand in the USA, especially one looking to succeed in the off-premise market. Not only do samplings give customers the opportunity to try a new product before making a purchase, but they also provide valuable data for the brand. 

By capturing data on who samples a product, their impressions and their purchase decisions, a beverage brand can gain valuable insight into its customer base. This can help the brand make decisions around product development, packaging and pricing. For example, if a brand finds that a certain type of packaging resonates well with its target market, they can continue to use that packaging for future products. 

Overall, successful liquor store sampling can provide a wealth of data to help brands make strategic decisions and grow their customer base. You’ll read more about how to successfully plan, execute and manage sampling programs and how to ensure you’re gathering valuable store, customer and competitor data in the process on the pages that follow. 

Why Every Alcohol Brand Needs to Download this Guide

As the alcohol market expands and gets more crowded,  it has become increasingly difficult for brands to garner attention and stand out to consumers. Fortunately, store samplings can help launch new products and keep them top of mind for consumers through the product lifecycle. 

In this guide, we provide essential tips and strategies for executing successful alcohol tastings. Whether you are a small craft distillery or a large multinational brand, our guide will help you make the most of your retail promotional efforts.

What’s Included in the Store Sampling 101 Guide


  • What are store samplings?
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Creating an Effective Sampling Campaign


  • Store Selection & Outreach
  • Popular Dates
  • Workstation Setup
  • Post-Event Customer Engagement

Hiring & Managing Event Staff

  • Talent vs Brand Ambassadors vs Promotional Agencies
  • Best Practices
    • [EMAIL TEMPLATE FOR TALENT] How to Create a Positive Customer Experience

Measuring the Effectiveness of Sampling Events

  • Calculating sales lift from sampling events

Future of Store Samplings



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