Overproof Key Market Report 2022

Download Overproof's Key Market Report to gain insight into several U.S. markets, including what suppliers, brands, categories and cocktails lead by venue placements, total mentions and unique products.

This year has seen unprecedented innovation in how the beverage alcohol industry collects, normalizes and analyzes data. For the first time ever, suppliers have gained access to AI-driven market intelligence through Overproof Insights. Overproof constantly monitors 2.5 million menus nationwide to see when and how suppliers launch and maintain sales and marketing programs, identify seasonal changes, areas of opportunity, trends and more. This Key Market Report includes a wide variety of account segments and offers insight into several U.S. markets, including what suppliers, brands, categories and cocktails lead by venue placements, total mentions and unique products.

What’s Included in the Key Market Report

  • 10 Markets
  • 385 Suppliers
  • 1,144 Brands
  • 2,000 Venues
  • 6,613 Menus
  • 104,582 Mentions

Top Suppliers

Diageo USA leads by venue placements (1,592), total mentions (14,914) and unique products (196), with placements in 79.6% of the 2,000 venues included and 14.2% share of the 6,613 menus analyzed. Diageo USA’s position is driven by Don Julio, Bulleit, Ketel One, Casamigos and Johnnie Walker, which all make the top 20 by total mentions.

Bacardi Limited follows with 1,542 venue placements (77.1% of venues) and 10,315 total mentions (9.8% menu share). Pernod Ricard USA is the third leading supplier in both categories, with 1,525 venue placements (76.3%) and 9,239 mentions (8.8% menu share).

Beam Suntory (8,746 mentions, 8.4% menu share) and Campari America (7,138 mentions, 6.8% menu share) complete the top 5. Of 385 suppliers identified, these top 5 make up nearly 50% of 104,582 mentions.

Top Brands

In the brand section of the key market report, Tito’s (Tito’s Vodka) is the top brand by venue placements (944, 47.2% of 2,000 venues analyzed), and total mentions (2,968, 2.8% menu share). Although there are 106 vodka brands included in the report, Tito’s accounts for 21.8% of all vodka mentions and makes the top 2 by venue placements in 9 of 10 markets.

Don Julio (Diageo USA) is the second leading brand by venue placements (699), and total mentions (2,419, 2.31% menu share). Maker’s Mark (Beam Suntory) takes third by venue placements (691), while Bacardi (Bacardi Limited) takes third by total mentions (2,196, 2.1% menu share).

Of 1,144 brands included in the report, when adding the remaining top 2 by mentions, Angostura (Mizkan America, 1.9%) and Cointreau (Remy Cointreau, 1.8%), these top 5 brands account for 10.9% menu share.

Key Market Report Takeaways

In the supplier section of the key market report, Diageo USA leads all three, with presence on nearly 80% of the venues included and a 14% share of menu. Continued innovation in brands like Smirnoff, which is the leading brand by unique products, have helped the supplier place a wide range of products in each market.

We also see regional differences in market share such as Bacardi Limited and Pernod Ricard USA trending significantly higher in the southeast and west.

Tito’s (Tito’s Vodka) is the leading brand by venue placements and mentions, placing in the top 2 by mentions in all but one market. Tequila is the most mentioned category across menus and Margarita is the most popular cocktail family. Don Julio (Diageo USA) leads by tequila mentions and is the leading tequila served in margaritas. While Tito’s Vodka accounts for more than 21.8% of the vodka menu share, Grey Goose (Bacardi Limited) is the most commonly used vodka in the second most popular cocktail family, Martini.

Of course, these are just the leaders. There are countless insights to uncover from one market to the next.

As Overproof Insights continues to evolve, we look forward to helping our supplier partners keep their fingers on the pulse of the on-premise landscape in a manner that far exceeds industry standards. The days of relying solely on depletion data are over. Overproof continues to revolutionize how the industry derives and leverages actionable insights.



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