California Market Report: Mezcal

Find out how the top performing mezcal suppliers and brands are performing in venues in the key markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco / San Jose.

In total, 921 venues are included in the California Market Report on Mezcal. The trend report (573 venues) compares data collected between Sept. 2021 and Jan. 2022, with data collected between Feb. and Sept. 2022. The mezcal report (547 venues) includes the top performing suppliers and brands in California and in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco / San Jose.

Methodology behind the California Market Report on Mezcal

Overproof’s leading menu analysis technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to read and extract insights from beverage menus at scale. Our proprietary algorithms scan any type of online (PDF, HTML) or physical (photograph) menu to break down its composition and capture individual cocktails, branded beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages, product categories and subcategories, price point, promotional indicators, sponsorship indicators, cocktail styles and cocktail families.

In a matter of seconds, Overproof generates an analysis that identifies the brands, products, suppliers, distributors and recipes present on each menu.

Understanding the California Market Report on Mezcal

We distinguish the dataset by:

Venue placements – total venues that mention the supplier, brand or product category.

Total mentions – amount of times a product is mentioned.

Unique products – amount of unique products mentioned. Percentage of mentions – a supplier or brands share of all mentions.

California Mezcal Data: Key Takeaways

Mezcal lost 1 percent of category menu share. While Pernod Ricard brand Del Maguey maintained its lead by venue placements, unique products and percentage of mentions, it lost ground in all three categories, including 15 venues.

In fact, a few of the top brands by venue placements saw losses, including Mezcal Vago (Samson & Surrey), which lost 12 venues, El Silencio (El Silencio Holdings), which lost 11 and El Jolgorio (Back Bar Project), which lost 10. Bacardi Limited brand Ilegal held steady with 54 venue placements to maintain its number 3 position.

Three brands in the top 11 by venue placements saw growth. Dos Hombres (Dos Hombres Inc.), which previously did not make the list, added 17 venues to take fourth place, Casamigos (Diageo USA), added 3 venues to grow from the 8th spot to number 5, and Xicaru (DC Craft Spirits), added 4 venues and is now the number 8 brand.

California Market Report Breakdown

What’s included in the California Market Report:

  • 921 Venues
  • 1,856 Menus
  • 135 Suppliers
  • 237 Brands
  • 708 Products

Download the complete report to get the full data breakdown on mezcal, plus key stats on the California market data for tequila and celebrity brands.

About Overproof

This report was built by Overproof – the most powerful business intelligence platform for fast-growing alcohol brands. At the core of our products is the belief that actionable insights inform better decisions that fuel business growth. Overproof’s innovative solutions help brands leverage predictive and prescriptive market intelligence, access account level insights, and identify microtrends to outsmart the competition at every touchpoint: in the field, on the bar and in liquor stores.

Overproof’s products are powered by Overproof Insights, an artificial and business intelligence repository that combines proprietary, aggregated, and real-time data generated by day-to-day actions on the Overproof platform and app. The innovative suite includes Overpoof, a commercial planning and execution management portal and mobile app; Tastings, a platform to create and execute off-premise sampling programs while gathering retail data; and F&B Insights, which integrates with merchant POS systems to offer comprehensive on-premise insights to suppliers.



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