Amidst Quality Concerns, Molson Coors Pulls Select Beers from Shelves

With beer giants like Molson Coors mass-producing labels like Coors Light and Keystone Light, it’s not typical that the consumer finds much of a difference from package to package, especially from a geographic standpoint. A Coors Light brewed in Ohio is going to have the same flavor and consistency as a Coors Light brewed in Colorado — until it doesn’t.

Molson Coors has issued a voluntary withdrawal of select packages of 12-ounce cans of Coors Light and Keystone Light brewed at the company’s Trenton Brewery in Ohio. A spokesperson for Molson Coors repeatedly emphasized that the withdrawal is not a recall, highlighting that the beers do not pose any food-related safety threats. If the issue driving the product pull isn’t food-related health concerns, then what exactly is the problem?

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