Pepsi-Infused Pepperoni Pizza Now Exists and We’re All a Little Worse for It

When Ikea announced their line of meatball-scented candles in August 2021, we truly thought that we had seen it all. Needless to say, none of us were delighted to find out we were wrong when a few months later, Nissin released pumpkin spice flavored Cup Noodles. I mean, who is even buying these things, let alone even entertaining the idea of buying them? Surely it can’t go further from here, right?

Well, it turns out rock bottom has a basement, and in that basement sitting front and center, you’ll find the Pepsi-Infused Pepperoni Pizza. As someone who says a quick and firm “no” when their server rebuttals their request for a Diet Coke with an “is Diet Pepsi okay?,” I truly cannot think of anything worse than ordering a pepperoni pizza and being asked “is Pepsi-infused pepperoni okay?”

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