$28 NYC Airport Beers Banned After Port Authority Crackdown

There’s no type of stress like the experience of going through security at a busy airport. While struggling to pull their shoes back on with the white noise of TSA agents desperately trying to get everyone on the same page, many travelers set their sights on enjoying a beer by the gate before hopping on the plane. However, travelers departing from New York and New Jersey airports are in for a rude awakening at the realization that enjoying a standard size beer will run them over $27.00. How’s that for stress inducing?

In July of 2021, Twitter user Cooper Lund tweeted a photo of the beer menu at LaGuardia airport, and the prices were alarming to say the least. A New Belgium Fat Tire draft costs $20.60, and that wasn’t even the most expensive choice on the menu — a Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught would cost travelers a whopping $27.85. For comparison purposes, beer lovers can buy a six pack of the Sam Adams Seasonal Ale in the outside world for just $11.99. For travelers not looking to spend an arm and a leg on a beer, they can enjoy the “bargain” option, which is a $13.00 glass of Michelob Ultra; a twelve pack of which costs around $16.00, usually.

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