The Colorado Rockies Have the Cheapest Beer In Baseball — And It’s Not Even Close

Baseball is back, and the crack of the bat has never paired better with the sizzling crack of opening an ice cold beer. Fans of the Colorado Rockies enjoy the cheapest beer in baseball, while fans of the Boston Red Sox find that their wallets certainly hurt more once the ninth inning reaches a close.

When it comes to enjoying a ballpark beer while supporting your favorite team, it must be said that not all prices are created equally, according to data compiled by Team Marketing Report and analyzed by VinePair. We examined the price of the cheapest beer at each Major League Baseball stadium and discovered that while Rockies fans can enjoy a 12 ounce beer for just three dollars, fans of the Red Sox aren’t quite so lucky, their price point for a beer of the same size sits almost three times higher at $8.50. Fans of the New York Mets fare even worse, with a 20 ounce beer costing a whopping $11.75.

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