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Women are making their voices heard at women in tech conferences around the world. Here's a closer look a which conferences should be on your calendar.

The importance of diversity in tech companies can not be overstated and women are coming together at conferences around the world to find ways to make their voices heard. While progress has been made in recent years and more minorities are taking on leadership roles in tech, there is still a lot of work to be done and these women in tech conferences play an essential role in improving representation and inclusivity. Here is a closer look at some top conferences for women in tech that should be on your calendar.

The Best Conferences for Women in Tech

There are many great conferences for women in technology being held both in-person and online. Here is where you will find some of the industries biggest names sharing their knowledge and expertise

Women in IT Summit & Awards Series

The awards portion of this annual event is meant to honor leaders and role models from the US tech industry. Nominees work at every level of the industry from start-ups to major corporations. For 2021, the awards will feature 20 different categories that include: Next Generation Leader, CTO, DEI Initiative, and Innovator and Woman of the Year. The goal is for the awards to inspire others to make their own splash in the tech world. Recipients will be announced on September 21, 2021. 

The summit sector of the event is designed to foster collaboration and conversation and so that participants are empowered to take action and pursue new ideas. Masterclass sessions and other content will look at trends in technology investment, innovation, and the importance of diversity in the technology field. Attendees will benefit from opportunities for professional development, networking, and collaboration. The summit will be held on October 13, 2021.  

Wonder Women Tech Virtual Summit

This year is the summit’s sixth year and it will host a diverse group of people who work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). Participants will have the opportunity to hear speeches from industry leaders, attend presentations, workshops, coding classes and other events. The summit will focus on diversity and how the industry can continue to drive innovation. 

Women Transforming Technology Conference

This free event brings together organizations from throughout academia, industry, and non-profit sectors to look at ways to solve problems and tackle issues that women in technology face. The goal of the conference is to connect women and provide them with inspiration and support so that they can build a strong community around common interests and goals.

Tech Up for Women

This event seeks to spread knowledge so that women can continue to advance within the technology industry. Participants will explore new products, services, resources, trends, educational and networking opportunities with the goal of making the field of technology more friendly and accessible to women. The conference will take place in New York City on November 16, 2021.

WITI Virtual Summit

Women in Technology International (WITI) has a longstanding history of advocating for women and striving to make sure that their contributions to technology are recognized and celebrated. WITI has a membership of over 3 million individuals, 300 partners, and 60 networks, making it a trusted authority on women in technology. The organization offers a variety of programs and events that are designed to support professionals and encourage collaboration among women across the globe. 

The Benefits of Attending a Women in Technology Conference

In 2014, some of the biggest technology companies from around the globe began tracking their diversity statistics and creating reports. This data made it even more obvious that there was a glaring lack of minorities, including women, people of color, and those in the LGBTQ community. While the reports shed more light on the problem and some progress has been made, there is still massive room for improvement. Consider that only 25% of the technology industry workforce are women.

Women in technology conferences provide an opportunity for female leaders to join forces and create a professional network that can be used to benefit the entire industry. Participants have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and get expert advice. These events are also excellent places to discover your own talents and learn how you can put them to use in a way that moves everyone forward. Job seekers can meet with recruiters and learn from leaders who have already achieved success. Perhaps most importantly, conferences are a great source for motivation and inspiration so that women can walk away with their own plan for personal growth and innovative ideas about the future of technology. 

Upcoming Conferences for Women in Tech

There are many women in technology conferences to choose from, so we’ve narrowed the list and selected a couple standout events coming up that you should keep on your radar. 

Grace Hopper Celebration

The first Grace Hopper Celebration was in 1994 and was founded by Dr. Anita Borg and Dr. Telle Whitney. The conference celebrates Admirable Grace Murray Hopper, who is one of the first female computer programmers and the inventor of the COBOL computer language. The event also claims to bring together the “largest gathering of women technologists” in the world. Attendees will enjoy access to thousands of meetings with other professionals, over 45 educational sessions led by experts, keynote speeches by big names in tech, along with opportunities for job searching and networking. The conference is meant to support women at all levels of their careers so anyone, from a student to a CEO, will learn ways to reach the next level of success.  

Date: Sept. 26-29, 2021
Location: Live broadcast from Chicago

Ticket Price: $799 for the public and $299 for students

Lesbians Who Tech Summit

This summit began in 2014 and is designed to bring more attention to how the LGBTQIA community is contributing to the field of technology. The conference welcomes LGBTQIA professionals and allies who want more representation and diversity in tech. The summit has gone virtual since the COVID-19 pandemic and this year’s Debug Summit 2021 will be held on Dec. 6-9. The event will host over 100 sessions and bring together LGBTQIA leaders and tech experts to discuss pressing topics in the culture and the industry.

Date: Dec. 6-9, 2021

Location: Virtual

Ticket Price: A general admission ticket is free and VIP and corporate access tickets are $399

Black Women Tech Talk

Black Women Tech Talk hosts various conferences throughout the year that allow tech entrepreneurs to share their ideas and connect with investors. Their main conference marks the largest gathering of Black women in technology. Ultimately, the organization wants to create an environment that will yield the next great billion-dollar tech company. On Feb. 24th, 2022, BWTT will be hosting a half-day virtual summit entitled, “The New Face of a Founder Summit.” This event will specifically address funding issues and how leaders can find ways to scale their business and grow.     

Event: The New Face of a Founder Summit

Date: Feb. 24, 2022

Location: Virtual

Ticket Price: Free

Women of Silicon Valley

This two-day event brings together more than 2,700 tech professionals who work at startups and corporations from across the country. The 2021 conference was held virtually, but in past years, the conference has offered in-person events and several different pricing packages that come with various perks. The online, virtual events have focused on keynote speakers, networking events, and different workshops. The event is the perfect opportunity to interact with industry visionaries and find the inspiration and tools you need to boost your career, improve inclusivity, and build a better professional network. 

Date: May 10-11, 2022

Location: Virtual

Ticket Price: $100 for early access. Cost with go to $155 after the discount period ends

For professionals at any level of the tech industry, these conferences provide unique opportunities to collaborate with other, like-minded women and find new ways to move the industry forward. The relationships formed and ideas discussed at these events will help to fuel the next big idea. These educational and inspirational conferences are well worth taking advantage of.


What are some popular women in tech events? 

Black Women Tech Talk, The Grace Hopper Celebration, Women in Tech Festival, Lesbians Who Tech Summit, and Women of Silicon Valley are just some popular women in technology conferences. 

What are the best conferences for women in tech? 

Women in IT Summit & Awards Series, Women Transforming Technology Conference, Wonder Women Tech Virtual Summit, WITI Virtual Summit, and Tech Up for Women are some of the best conferences for women who work in and are interested in technology.

Why should I attend a women in tech conference? 

Attending a women  in technology conference allows you to network, learn from professionals and industry leaders, get advice from experts, meet with recruiters, discover and develop new skills and talents, and get inspiration and motivation to help you continue to grow your career. 



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