Attending HITEC? Here’s What You Need to Know

Learn about HITEC, the largest hospitality industry event, where attendees can learn from experts and discover new technology solutions.

The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is the largest and longest-standing hospitality industry event that brings together technology leaders from around the world to share their knowledge and expertise. HITEC attendees will learn from industry experts and discover the latest technology that’s improving operations and efficiency throughout the hospitality sector. HITEC is hosted by the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), which is a non-profit organization based out of Austin, Texas. In 2021, HITEC will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, from September 27-30

2021 HITEC Agenda 

The conference will include an opening keynote speech, educational sessions, exhibitor tutorials, technology showcases, and other events. Registrants who have a full conference badge can also attend all the educational sessions, including Super Sessions and Concurrent Sessions. When not attending an educational session or discussion, participants can visit the exhibitor space and get a look at emerging technology that will soon be available to the hospitality industry. This is an excellent opportunity to get an advanced look at where the industry is headed. Keep in mind that registrations will begin on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 3 p.m. and run until Monday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m.

Along with a variety of educational sessions, the conference will include technology showcases and other events and social activities. Here is a comprehensive list of what you can expect during this year’s conference:

Educational Topics

● Club Controllers: How to Speak Tech and Lead IT Operations at Your Club

Does Your Data Lake Have Any Depth?

● The Never-ending War: Direct Distribution versus Third Parties

● No More Nightmares: How to Budget Technology Expenses

● Decentralized Identity: Whose ID Is It, Anyway?

● From the Top: Foster Collaboration and Improve Shareholders’ ROI

● How to Request Money for Technology Unrelated to the Golf Course

● Food for Thought: Emerging Technology in F&B

● The First-mover Advantage: Are You the Leading Edge, or the Bleeding Edge?

● The Next Wave in Hotel Development: What Is a Digital Hotel – and Are They Hiring?

● Why Soft Skills Training Is More Important Than Ever

● HITEC Opening Keynote – Digital Transformation: Design Your Future

● Industry CIO Panel & Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame Induction

● The Chief Financial Officer Is Not the Only CFO: Introducing, Chief Futurist Officer

● They ARE Out to Get You: Your Hotel’s Most Pressing Cybersecurity Threats

● General Session – Crazy Busy Nuts: Getting Off The Conveyor Belt Of Life

● Hyper-Personalization: The Future of the Guest Experience

● The What, Why and How of Digital Transformation

● A Post-pandemic Hiring Epidemic: Where Did My Team Go?

● Ethical Conundrums in Technology: It May Be Cool, But Is It Right?

● Closing Session: Building a Bulletproof Culture of Security

Exhibitor Technology Showcases

● Governance Risk and Compliance – Management Company Perspectives

● Business is Changing the Guest Experience: The Future of In-Room Entertainment

● How is Technology Innovation Addressing Real World Hospitality Challenges?

● Navigating The New Era Of Digital Hospitality

Exhibitor Tutorials:

● Employee Advocacy – Making Sure That Your Employees Come First

● Lessons from a Crisis, and Hope for the Future

● The Evolution of Hotel Guests: How to Adapt to Changing Trends

● Creating Personalized Guest Journeys using Salesforce

● Passing the Baton – Communicating your Critical Path Projects with Pacer

● Using Emerging Technologies to drive Digital Transformation in Hospitality

● Improving Employee Engagement by Connecting the Frontline Workforce

● The Honeymoon Between OTAs and Meta is Over. Now what?

● Designing A Hotel’s Network for the Future: 3 Case Studies

● Who takes over the role of the PMS?

● Doing More with Less – The Pandemic and the Effect on the Labor Market

● Managing Labor Today – Focusing on Hours Not Dollars

● DISH Business is Changing the Guest Experience: The Future of In-Room Entertainment

● Contactless Solutions

Registering for HITEC

Registering for HITEC is relatively simple. You will need an email address for each individual registrant. If you don’t already have an HFTP User Account, you will need to create one. Anyone with an existing account can reset their password if necessary. Participants will be given a badge that will authorize access to official events. Remember that attendees must be a minimum of 16 years old or receive special authorization from HFTP.

Cost of Attending HITEC

There are several different pricing and access options to choose from. If you want full access to the conference that will run Monday – Thursday, the cost is $775 for HFTP members and $1100 for nonmembers. With an all-access pass, participants can attend the opening keynote, HITEC welcome reception, all general and education sessions, tutorials, technology showcases, and visit the exhibit hall. There are group rates available if you will be attending with other colleagues. 

Registrants can also opt for an “Exhibits Only” rate. With this pass, you can visit the Exhibit Hall for 3 days, and attend technology showcases and exhibitor tutorials. This price does not include the educational sessions, but you can pay an extra fee to attend the welcome reception. The exhibit only daily price is $350 for HFTP members and $450 for nonmembers. If you want to add the welcome reception to your package, the cost will be $449 for HFTP members and $549 for nonmembers.

HITEC also offers young professional and student member options. Those with an HFTP Young Professional membership can attend for $500. Young Professionals must be 30 years old or younger.  A Student Membership allows attendees to register for just $150. Fortunately, signing up for an annual Student Membership is completely free. 

Hotel and Travel

HITEC attendees must make their hotel reservations through Orchid Event Solutions and prices range from $150-$250 per night. There are several nearby hotels to choose from and shuttle service is available from those select hotels to and from the convention center.

HITEC Health and Safety Measures

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, HITEC will be following all guidelines that have been outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). These protocols will help everyone safely attend in-person events. Attendees are encouraged to self-screen before the conference and stay home if they don’t feel well or know that they have come into contact with COVID-19. Masks will be required and social distancing should be practiced when possible. Finally, participants should wash and sanitize their hands frequently and avoid touching their faces. 

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (KBHCC) is also following all CDC guidelines and helping to encourage safe practices by providing hand sanitizer stations, posting signage that outlines healthy hygiene habits, and regularly clean high-traffic and touch areas. The KBHCC has also been accredited by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, an organization that helps facilities design and implement a strategic approach to disinfection buildings and preventing disease. In addition, HFTP will be providing face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes while supplies last. 

HITEC is a truly unique event and the largest of its kind. People who work in all aspects of the hospitality industry will benefit from the educational opportunities and the chance to preview technology before it hits the marketplace. While these types of conferences had to be put on hold for a period of time, the HITEC is coming back strong in 2021 and is excited to be welcoming in-person attendees. 


What does HITEC stand for?

Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference.

What is HITEC?

HITEC brings together people from the global hospitality industry and provides educational opportunities to learn about new technology and other ways to improve overall operations. It is a non-profit organization based out of Austin, Texas.

Where and when is HITEC 2021? 

In 2021, the HITEC will be hosted at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas from September 27-30.

What is the HITEC 2021 agenda?

The conference will begin with an opening ceremony and keynote address. From there, attendees can visit general and educational sessions, technology showcases, and exhibitor tutorials. The exact schedule is listed on the HITEC website.

How can I attend HITEC? 

You will need to create an HFTP account, register using a unique email, and pay the registration fee.

How much does HITEC cost? 

There are different registration options if you want to save money or only attend certain events. However, if you are looking for a full-access pass the price is $775 for HFTP members and $1100 for nonmembers.

What health and safety measures are they taking at HITEC 2021? 

The HITEC will be following all CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines. The convention center will also be thoroughly cleaning spaces and providing sanitization stations. Finally, the HFTP will be providing personal protective equipment until they run out of supplies. 



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