Distiller’s Guide to the American Craft Spirits Association

The American Craft Spirits Association is an important nonprofit organization that is working to grow the crafts spirits industry in the U.S. and provide support for producers. They are working hard to bring together producers and suppliers and continue to elevate the craft of producing a variety of high-quality spirits that can be responsibly enjoyed by the public. Learn more about this trade organization, its goals and how they are working to meet them. 

While there may be other loosely organized groups within the spirits industry, the American Craft Spirits Association is the only nationally registered and recognized group representing craft spirits. Its members vote on which representatives they want to serve on the Board of Directors, which has 15 positions. The board is tasked with running the ACSA in a transparent manner that adheres to the group’s bylaws. 

Ultimately, the goals of the ACSA are to not only elevate the craft spirits community, but to build membership, improve operations, improve brand awareness and political influence and generally create a positive environment for all members. They are also actively working to improve diversity in the industry and make sure that everyone is treated with respect and warmly welcomed into the industry. 

ACSA and COVID-19 Support Efforts

The food and beverage industry has been especially hard hit by COVID-19 and the American Crafts Spirits Association has been working hard to provide support to the nation’s distillers. The ACSA has posted a variety of informational resources on their website and has been hosting webinars. Distillers can visit the site for information about FDA policies, stimulus information, hand sanitizer production guidelines, funding legislation and best practices for reopening tasting rooms for liquor tastings. There is also helpful information about how to manage money in the midst of such uncertain times. A lot of the information comes directly from the White House and CDC so that everyone is up-to-date on the latest news.

In addition to providing distillers with information, the ACSA is also reaching out to the government and alerting Capitol Hill to the challenges that the country’s distillers are facing. These lobbying efforts play an important role in making sure that craft spirits businesses are being heard and considered when it comes to allocating vital federal funding and stimulus money.   

The American Craft Spirits Association plays an important role in moving the industry forward, protecting craft distillers and creating a community in the industry. It has been an especially useful resource during the pandemic when all businesses are having to face unprecedented challenges. For craft distillers looking to make the most of their membership, the annual convention is a great place to start and play an active part in the future of the entire industry.

American Crafts Spirits Association Convention

One of the major events that the ACSA oversees is the organization’s annual convention and trade show. This event provides a perfect opportunity to connect distillers and suppliers and energize the entire industry. Participants are able to learn about new products and services, network with like-minded people and gain valuable education about the world of craft spirits.

The ACSA 2021 convention is scheduled to be held at Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky on July 25-27. Part of the convention will include the 8th annual American Craft Spirits Association awards. This program is designed to give proper recognition to the best products across several categories that include: vodka/grain, brandy, gin, run, ready-to-drink, whiskey, specialty spirits and innovation. Each category is rigorously judged by professionals who offer unbiased results. Winning an award is a great marketing opportunity for brands, but receiving detailed feedback is also a great educational opportunity that can help fuel improvements.


What is the American Craft Spirits Association? 

The ACSA is a national nonprofit organization that works to represent, support and promote the craft spirits industry. 

What is the American Craft Spirits Association Convention? 

The ACSA convention is an opportunity for distillers and suppliers to connect and network and learn about new products and services.

When is the American Craft Spirits Association conference in 2021? 

The 2021 ACSA convention is scheduled for July 25-27 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

What are the American Craft Spirits Association awards? 

The ACSA awards provide recognition for the best products in categories that include: vodka/grain, brandy, gin, run, ready-to-drink, whiskey, specialty spirits and innovation. Earning an award is an excellent marketing tool for brands. Products that don’t win still receive incredibly valuable feedback from experienced judges.

What has the ACSA done to help craft distillers during COVID-19? 

The ACSA has been using their website to provide distillers with helpful information and webinars. Website visitors will find links to FDA, CDC and White House policies and recommendations, information about stimulus funds, safety best practices and advice about how to manage money during trying times. The ACSA has also been contacting Capitol Hill in order to make legislators aware of the plight of distillers in the wake of COVID-19 and make sure members are receiving federal aid. 

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