Rodolfo (Rudy) Ruiz Joins Overproof’s Board of Directors

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Ruiz brings more than 40 years of supplier and distributor experience to Overproof, a Miami-based technology company that develops artificial intelligence solutions for the beverage alcohol industry.

Ruiz brings more than 40 years of supplier and distributor experience to Overproof, a Miami-based technology company that develops artificial intelligence solutions for the beverage alcohol industry

MIAMI (Oct. 6th, 2020)Overproof, a technology company that creates AI-driven business intelligence and tracking tools to empower better decisions in the beverage alcohol and hospitality industries – is pleased to announce the appointment of Rudy Ruiz to its Board of Directors, effective October 1st, 2020.

Ruiz joins the board having spent more than 40 years in the beverage alcohol industry. Currently Managing Director at Park Street Companies, Ruiz most recently served as EVP of Emerging Spirits at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. He joined Southern Glazer’s after 25 years at Bacardi, in leadership roles that included president and CEO of Bacardi Asia/Pacific, president of Bacardi Global Brands, and president and CEO of Bacardi USA.

“In my first ten years in the United States, working for our 325-year-old family business, I’ve had the privilege to have been mentored by Rudy from the early beginning. I am excited to now have the opportunity to welcome Rudy to our Board of Directors,” said Marc De Kuyper, founder and CEO of Overproof. “Rudy joins Overproof at a pivotal moment for our company, having just launched our newest technology that provides revolutionary on-premise insights to suppliers. With vast experience on the supply and distribution sides of our business, I’m looking forward to working with him to shape the future of our technology solutions and global expansion.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Marc more closely and join the Board of Directors at Overproof, a company that is truly changing the game in our industry,” said Ruiz. “Over the last decades, I have seen the industry continuously evolve, but what we are facing now is a completely new era in the world of food and beverage. Technology will prove instrumental in helping suppliers, distributors and merchants adapt in this landscape. The talented and experienced team at Overproof creates solutions that, I believe, will forever change the way the industry does business, and I look forward to being a part of their journey.”

Overproof brings together the power of big data with proprietary market insights and customers’ business data, to fuel business growth through its various technologies. The company’s core product, Overproof CPF and mobile app, are the first and only AI-driven strategic planning and execution platform for the beverage alcohol industry, and offer access to real-time insights, proven methodologies, industry networks and automated tracking tools that help brands create, execute, analyze and optimize brand strategies.

This month, Overproof launched Sixdots, a digital menu, ordering and payment app for bars and restaurants. While helping hospitality merchants modernize the consumer experience, and reduce operational costs and staff-guest touchpoints, Sixdots offers suppliers an effective tool to efficiently and safely reach their account and reduce costs, while gaining access to revolutionary on-premise insights. 

To learn more about Overproof, visit

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About Overproof

Overproof is the first and only AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry. We help customers create, execute, analyze and optimize winning brand strategies. Overproof’s commercial planning and execution management applications provide customers access to real-time insights, proven methodologies, industry networks and automated tracking tools that build business success. At the core of our platform is the belief that actionable insights inform better decisions, which fuel business growth. Following B-Corporation guidelines, Overproof combines business and social goals and actively gives back to the communities it serves. To learn more, visit and

About Sixdots

SixDots is an all-in-one, bar and restaurant digital menu, ordering and checkout platform. Sixdots enables merchants to create a modern tableside experience, reduce operational costs and expand revenue streams, all while minimizing person-to-person touchpoints by more than 60 percent. A powerful suite of bar and restaurant business tools includes an online dashboard with sales insights, a comprehensive menu design tool, a recipe repository, and cocktail costing tool. SixDots is the only solution to offer all four revenue streams: tableside, curbside, takeout and delivery ordering, and can work independently or integrate with a merchant’s point of sale system.  And best of all, there’s no hidden fees, no revenue share, guaranteed. To learn more, visit For suppliers, Sixdots offers access to digital menu features and on-premise cocktail sales data, while reducing costs per case. To learn more about Sixdots for suppliers, visit

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