Overproof Launches Sixdots

A Free-to-Use Ordering and Marketing Platform Specifically Designed for Bars and Restaurants to Recover from the Impact of COVID-19

  • Sixdots offers innovative ways to drive new business to Bars and Restaurants.
  • Partner with beverage suppliers safely and in compliance with regulations through Sixdots’ free online marketing and business intelligence platform.
  • Optimize day-to-day operations with Sixdots’ built-in menu costing, profitability analytics and bar management tools.
  • Provide patrons contactless ordering and payment options via the Sixdots app.
  • Maximize adoption and customer experience through our free custom-tailored QR code designs.

MIAMI (Sept. 29, 2020)Overproof – the first and only technology company that creates AI-driven business intelligence and tracking tools for the beverage alcohol and hospitality industries – has launched its newest product, Sixdots, offering on-premise optimization technology that will power bars and restaurants to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

“At Overproof, we create smart software solutions that empower our customers in the beverage alcohol and hospitality industries to take control of and better plan for the future of their businesses and brands,” said Marc De Kuyper, Founder and CEO of Overproof. “We care about the wellbeing of the hospitality industry, and know that bars and restaurants need our help now. While our world has forever changed, Sixdots is an all in one platform that will put the right tools in the hands of bar and restaurant operators, and help them put their best foot forward while facing today’s challenges.”

The Sixdots product suite includes:

  • Mobile menu, ordering and payment app: the Sixdots app helps merchants modernize the consumer experience and reduce staff to consumer touchpoints by 60 percent.
  • POS system integrations: Sixdots integrates seamlessly with leading POS systems. In addition, the Sixdots POS iPad app can be used to receive orders separate from any existing POS.
  • Tableside, curbside, delivery and takeout order management: Sixdots is the only solution available to offer all four revenue streams, the ability to manage them in one place, and take no revenue share or marketplace fee.
  • Powerful web portal: the Sixdots dashboard provides merchants unique management tools and insights, including a cocktail costing tool, menu profitability analytics, and a cloud-based food and cocktail menu design tool, with a built-in recipe repository. Additionally, the portal allows merchants to easily generate and distribute staff training manuals after each menu update.

On-premise cocktail sales data for suppliers:

Sixdots is the only digital menu technology created with the beverage alcohol industry in mind, giving supplier partners access to revolutionary on-premise cocktail sales and trend insights.

Sixdots’ unique, Free-to-Use policy is available to merchants to access the platform at no charge. Additionally, merchants have the option to opt out of Sixdots marketing services by paying a fair flat fee of $399 per month all-in, without revenue share. For more information, visit https://www.sixdotsapp.com/ or https://www.sixdotsapp.com/suppliers/. To learn more about Overproof’s AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for beverage alcohol brands, visit www.overproof.com.


About Overproof

Overproof is the first and only AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry. We help customers create, execute, analyze and optimize winning brand strategies. Overproof’s commercial planning and execution management applications provide customers access to real-time insights, proven methodologies, industry networks and automated tracking tools that build business success. At the core of our platform is the belief that actionable insights inform better decisions, which fuel business growth. Following B-Corporation guidelines, Overproof combines business and social goals and actively gives back to the communities it serves. To learn more, visit www.overproof.com and https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/lymion-group-inc.

About Sixdots

Sixdots is on-premise optimization technology designed to power your bar or restaurant business. Sixdots’ product suite includes a mobile menu, ordering, and payment app that helps merchants reduce staff-guest contact by 60% or more. Innovative tools help streamline management tasks, including a web-based menu construction tool, cocktail costing tool, and recipe repository. Best of all, there’s no hidden fees or revenue share, and when backed by supplier support, no monthly subscription cost, either. For suppliers, Sixdots offers access to revolutionary on-premise cocktail performance data. To sign up or learn more, visit https://www.sixdotsapp.com/.

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