How to Market and Promote Your Alcohol Brand

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When it comes to effectively marketing alcohol, there are some tried and true strategies that continue to work and increase brand awareness.

When it comes to effectively marketing alcohol, there are some tried and true strategies that continue to work and increase brand awareness. However, there are some limitations on how and where you can advertise and market alcohol. These regulations are meant to curb underage drinking and discourage binge drinking. 

Promoting Alcohol  

One of the best ways to promote alcohol brands is by sponsoring local events. Whether it is a festival, sports team or other celebratory event, sponsorship is an excellent way to get your name out in the community. It is also important to use social media, work to get your brand story out, provide your audience with valuable content so that you become a trusted resource, use Google Ads to target customers and participate in spirit contests. All these strategies will help connect with your audience and build your brand.

There are some concerns when it comes to advertising alcohol. According to one study, there is a link between being exposed to positive images of drinking and an increase in alcohol consumption. When drinking is shown in a positive light on TV, in movies and advertisements, people tend to drink more. This raises some ethical issues when it comes to advertising alcohol. While alcohol can be safely consumed in moderation, alcoholism is also a possibility.

Marketing Alcohol on Social Media  

To help deter underage drinking, there are restrictions across all platforms. When it comes to advertising on social media in the US, companies can only post ads on platforms where there is a reasonable expectation that at least 71.6% of the audience is of the legal drinking age. In addition, the people in the ads have to appear to be old enough to drink. Outside of the US, there are a variety of other social media restrictions based on the country. This can make it complicated to run global campaigns.

Another important restriction to be aware of when it comes to promoting alcohol has to do with offering free drinks or hosting contests and games that encourage drinking. While retailers and bars can offer discounts and happy hours, each state also regulates these promotions. However, offering free drinks is prohibited throughout the US. As a general rule, any marketing effort that makes false or misleading statements or encourages heavy, irresponsible drinking is not allowed. 

There are safe and effective ways to promote alcohol that focus on brand awareness while also encouraging responsible drinking. Ultimately, brands are tasked with making sure they are reaching age appropriate audiences and portraying positive images of drinking. Following these regulations will help avoid fines and create a more strong brand name.


How do brands promote alcohol? 

Some popular and proven easy to promote alcohol include: sponsoring local events, engaging on social media, building an email list, using Google Ads to target customers, providing valuable content and telling your brand’s story.

How does alcohol advertisements portray drinking? 

Typically, alcohol ads portray positive images of responsible drinking with models who are clearly old enough to drink. This is a requirement in most countries.

Can you advertise alcohol on social media? 

In the US, you can advertise alcohol on social media as long as at least 71.6% of the platform’s audience is 21 and over. While you can’t guarantee this, there should be a reasonable expectation that the audience is age appropriate.

Can you advertise free alcohol? 

No, it is illegal to offer free alcohol or encourage excessive drinking through contests, games and giveaways. You can offer discounts, but there are restrictions on this approach as well that will vary by state.



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