Sip Your Favorite Tequila on National Tequila Day

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Be sure to mark your calendar because National Tequila Day is right around the corner.

Be sure to mark your calendar because National Tequila Day is right around the corner. On July 24th, you can celebrate the holiday by mixing up some of your favorite tequila based drinks, such as margaritas, or sipping a flavorful tequila on ice. This spirit tends to get a bad rap, however, it is a sophisticated option that takes years to make. If tequila is not your go-to spirit, it may be time to learn more about this unique liquor. 

While there are certainly some low-grade tequilas on the market, a fine tequila offers complex and robust flavors and is the healthiest spirit available. Tequila is a highly refined liquor that goes through an extensive distilling process. This spirit is made from the heart of the agave plant, which takes 12 years to reach a point of maturity where it is ready to be harvested. That means that a lot of time, effort and hard work goes into each bottle of tequila.

For those who are health conscious, but still want to enjoy a drink, tequila is the healthiest option. It is low in calories and contains agavins, which act just like fiber. This prevents blood sugar spikes when you drink. The natural sugars in tequila have also been shown to lower cholesterol and help with weight loss. You can enjoy a few guilt-free drinks and celebrate National Tequila Day.

Tequila: Myth Vs Fact  

One of the lasting myths surrounding tequila is that there is a worm in the bottom of all the bottles and ingesting it will cause hallucinations. For some, eating the worm has marked a drinking rite of passage. The worm, which is actually a moth larvae that is attracted to agave plants, was first used as a marketing gimmick. It quickly caught on and more tequila brands started including the worm. 

In truth, there are not any actual side effects from eating the worm and you will have a hard time finding any bottles with worms today. The Mexican government has prohibited this practice to ensure the safety of products.

Another common tequila myth is that it can be produced anywhere. Actually, an agave based liquor is only considered tequila if it comes from the Mexican state of Jalisco and a few other select places in Mexico. All other agave spirits are considered mezcal

There are also some major differences in the way mezcal and tequila are produced. Tequila is only made using one type of agave: the blue weber. Mezcal is made using over 30 different types of agave. In addition, tequila is steamed in ovens and distilled in copper pots while mezcal is steamed in underground pits, which helps give mezcal its distinct smokey flavor.  

Now that you know a little more about tequila, be sure to stock up and try some different brands to celebrate National Tequila Day. It is the perfect, refreshing spirit for a warm summer day. You may just discover that it is your new favorite drink. 

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When is National Tequila Day?

National Tequila Day is July 24th.

What is special about tequila?

Tequila is a refined liquor that takes a lot of work to manufacture and distill. The plant that is used to make tequila takes 7 to 12 years to reach maturity so that it can be harvested. In addition, tequila is only made in Jalisco.

How do you celebrate National Tequila Day? 

Spend some time learning about the history of tequila and then mix up your favorite drink or enjoy sipping tequila.

Why is tequila the healthiest alcohol? 

It is low in calories and contains agavins, which act like fiber and prevent your blood sugar levels from rising. In addition, the natural sugars in tequila can help you lower your cholesterol and lose weight. 

Do they still put worms in tequila? 

Actually, the worms or moth larvae were only placed in mezcal. This practice began as a marketing strategy and quickly caught on with other brands. Today, worms are prohibited. 

What is tequila called when not made in Mexico? 

Any agave based liquor that is not made in the state of Jalisco or a few other select locations within Mexico are called mezcal.

What is the difference between tequila and mezcal? 

Tequila is made from blue Weber agave. The heart of the agave is steamed in ovens and then distilled in copper pots. Mezcal can be made from 30+ types of agave and it is cooked in underground pits, which gives mezcals its signature smoky flavor.



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