National Martini Day: What’s Your Style?

A photo of a martini with olives
James Bond has made the martini part of pop culture. There is nothing quite as classy as scooting up to the bar and ordering the perfect martini.

James Bond has made the martini part of pop culture. There is nothing quite as classy as scooting up to the bar and ordering the perfect martini. The drink is so popular that June 19th has been named National Martini Day. If you are not familiar with this classic cocktail, learn more about the different types so that you can order with confidence and celebrate National Martini Day in style.

Basic Ingredients of a Martini  

Part of the beauty of the martini is that it is a relatively simple drink served in a sleek glass. Martinis can be made with either vodka or gin and vermouth, which adds a bit of savory flavor to the drink. A traditional martini is a clean, clear drink with a velvety texture. 

Dirty Martini  

A dirty martini includes a splash of olive juice and is garnished with olives. If you really enjoy the addition of the salty olive juice, you can ask for an extra dirty martini. The term “dirty” comes from the fact that adding the olive juice changes the color of the drink so that it is no longer clear.

Dry Martini  

A dry martini has just a drizzle of vermouth while an extra dry will have just a couple drops or no vermouth at all. Vermouth comes in both sweet and dry versions. For the perfect martini, ask for equal parts of sweet and dry for an excellent flavor combination.

Shaken Vs. Stirred  

While James Bond always asks for his martini shaken and not stirred, most mixologists will recommend a stirred martini. As a general rule, only drinks with eggs or citrus should be shaken. Stirring a martini helps give the drink its signature smooth texture and allows the ice to melt slowly. Shaking the drink introduces too much ice into the drink and adds air, which creates a lighter, frothy drink without the right texture.

Celebrate National Martini Day by ordering or mixing up your favorite martini. Whether you like them dry or dirty, you can’t go wrong with this classic drink. 

Is there a National Martini Day? 

Yes! June 19th is National Martini Day.

Are Martinis classy?

Martinis are commonly considered a classy drink. It is a simple cocktail served up in a beautiful glass and if you order it correctly, you can show off your mixology knowledge and channel the confidence of James Bond.

Should martinis be shaken or stirred? 

Contrary to what you might have learned from James Bond, most bartenders will argue that martinis should always be stirred and not shaken. Stirring allows for a smoother texture and a drink that feels heavier. 

What is a dirty martini? 

A dirty martini contains olive juice, which changes both the color and flavor of the drink. It usually also contains an olive garnish. 

What is a dry vodka martini? 

A dry vodka martinis is made with vodka and a splash of vermouth. An extra dry martini will only have a few drops of vermouth.

Why should you never shake a martini? 

When you shake a martini, the liquor comes in contact with more of the ice. While this produces a very cold drink, it also means that it is being diluted too quickly. In addition, shaking the cocktail adds too much air and results in a frothy drink.



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