Overproof Launches CompanyToast: Virtual Happy Hour

Companies can treat employees to a virtual, hands-on happy hour, cocktail kit with full-sized liquor bottle and ingredients included, while providing job opportunities for bartenders

MIAMI — Overproof, the first and only AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry – has launched CompanyToast, a  fun, hands-on happy hour experience for employees that will boost team morale and employee engagement, while providing job opportunities for bartenders.

Remote work is not an easy transition and many employees are missing out on the camaraderie of an office environment and work-related socializing while working longer hours. CompanyToast gives companies the opportunity to offer teams a break and thank them for their hard work during these challenging times. Importantly, as the impact of COVID-19 is being felt in all parts of society, a CompanyToast also supports local business and helps bartenders who lost their job overnight.

“We’re proud to debut this initiative which will serve to benefit companies, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and consumers while providing much-needed opportunities to the bartender community,” said Nick Nistico, award-winning Florida-based bartender brought on by Overproof to lead CompanyToast.com. “Beyond the opportunity to earn income through CompanyToast.com, we pledge to invest all profit generated into additional re-employment opportunities for bartenders.”

Benefits for companies:

  • Raise team morale, boost office camaraderie 
  • Take the idea of a “virtual team happy hour” to the next level – you provide the ingredients!
  • Guaranteed re-employment of bartenders
  • Support local businesses

How it works:

A company can register for a CompanyToast online at www.overproof.com/companytoast. Overproof then pairs the company with a local bartender who will collaborate with the company to create a customized CompanyToast. The bartender handles logistics, like sourcing, packaging and delivering the cocktail kits to each employee’s home. Employees virtually meet their colleagues and share a cocktail in an informal, fun environment, with a 30-45 minute cocktail making class led by the bartender. Once the class is over, employees can raise their home-made cocktail together!

For more information, including pricing and registration, visit www.overproof.com/companytoast.com


About Overproof

Overproof is the first and only AI-driven business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, Overproof helps customers in the beverage alcohol industry create, execute, analyze and optimize winning brand strategies. Overproof’s commercial planning and brand management platform gives customers access to data, insights, methodologies, networks and tools that help build business success. At the core of the company is the belief that actionable insights inform better decisions, which in turn fuel business growth. Following B-Corporation guidelines, Overproof combines business and social goals and actively gives back to the communities it serves. To learn more, visit www.overproof.com. 

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