Naked Wines suspends orders but indies carry on

Online retailer Naked Wines has announced it is not taking any more orders for the time being but many independent and fine wine merchants in the UK and elsewhere are stepping up their deliveries.

A photo of a box of Naked WinesNaked Wines announced earlier this week that it would not be taking any more orders for the time being due to a spike in demand.

An exact reason for this was not made clear in a notice sent to members earlier this week but it is highly likely due to stock piling caused by coronavirus worries.

On the other hand, with more people working from home or self-isolating, many independent and fine wine merchants around the world are still taking orders and working to deliver wines to customers.

Jancis Robinson MW’s site published a huge list this morning (19 March) including retailers from the UK (predominantly) but also the Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Australia and Japan that are still operating on local and national levels.

Many have even substantially reduced delivery rates or abolished minimum orders entirely in catchment areas or even country-wide while the current situation continues.

A good number of merchants in London (and other big cities) are even guaranteeing same-day deliveries. At this difficult time for the industry, consider supporting your local merchant.

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