The show goes on: New products that would’ve launched at ProWein

Despite ProWein’s cancellation due to the ongoing threat posed by coronavirus (Covid-19), business in the trade goes on, even though the show on this occasion has not. Here’s db’s rundown of products that were due to be launched at ProWein this week and the alternative plans producers are having to make to showcase them.

Digital seems to be the way forward, as producers scamble to get their new launches in front of customers and clients, but as one exhibitor said, “We’re working with our clients as best we can – by video conference and email – to try and keep things moving forward, but when your business revolves around meeting and tasting together, it’s very hard.”

Another told db agreed that the whole industry would be suffering the consequences of the outbreak, which necessitated a more efficient model moving forward.

Another producer noted frankly, “the cancellation of ProWein leaves a large hole in many brands’ budgets, not just spend budgets, but revenue budgets. We have signed new clients in different markets at each of our previous appearances at ProWein which have been vital to our short term success, so to see the loss of revenue disappear is a bitter pill to swallow.

“We absolutely support the reasons for the show to be cancelled – the risks are simply too high, but the reality is that it dramatically impacts our business and many others I’m sure.”

He also argued that given the carbon footprint created by people moving towards one place, there might well be an argument that “perhaps the time of the virtual wine show is almost upon us?”


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