Designer of Jancis glassware crowdfunding to grow business

Richard Brendon, the designer behind the Jancis Robinson wine glass collection, is crowdfunding to raise investment for his business, which aims to support heritage craft industries.

Richard Brendon with Jancis Robinson OBE MW

The designer, who started his own business in 2013, and collaborated with Jancis Robinson OBE MW on a glassware collection in 2018, is crowdfunding through the Crowdcube platform, which you can view here.

Brendon is looking to raise £250,000 for his business to fund new product development and ramp up marketing efforts.

Aside from the glassware, he works with fine bone china and crystal barware for hotels, restaurants and interior designers around the world and supplies hotels such as Rosewood, Four Seasons and Gleneagles. He is a keen collaborator and often creates bespoke designs for clients.

His crowdfunding platform went live last week and he has already seen more than 70% of the target pledged.

According to Brendon, the funds will allow him to continue to grow rapidly and to achieve a mission of regenerating skills in heritage craft industries.

He was on the BBC News last Tuesday morning talking about Stoke-on-Trent – a global centre for ceramics known locally as ‘The Potteries’ – and you can watch the interview here (starts at 17m 40s).

To help him achieve his goal Brendan is asking people to invest.

He writes: “If you can afford to invest £1000+ this will make a substantial difference to our campaign.

“If you benefit from EIS tax relief and you use the generous discount we are offering for this level of investment you will recoup your investment very quickly.

“You can see full details of investor rewards at the bottom of our funding page.

“In addition to this it is my goal to generate a significant return on investment in around six years.

“If you can’t afford this level of investment the minimum is only £10.

“With crowdfunding it’s quite literally the more the merrier and the more investors we have the more momentum our campaign will gather.”

Brendan has told db that for those who invest over £1000 there will be a drinks reception (date and location TBC) where Jancis and he will say a few words and there will be some good wine “all from wineries using JR glasses of course”.

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