The 10 most powerful wine brands in the world 2020

Market analyst Wine Intelligence has released a report detailing the most influential wine brands in the world.

The Global Wine Power Index 2020 looks at the performance of dozens of brands in 20 key markets, such as the UK, US, Japan, Australia, China and the Netherlands, posing survey questions to a little over 22,000 people worldwide

The survey explored a number of factors to estimate a brand’s influence with consumers, such as their awareness of the brand, how often it was purchased, how much ‘affinity’ consumers felt they had with the wine (i.e., whether it felt “right for them”), and how likely they were to recommend it to someone else.

We’ve taken a look at the 10 highest-scoring wines in the report and how their perception with consumers has changed in the past year, from Bordeaux blockbuster Mouton Cadet, to Chilean giant Concha Y Toro’s string of successful labels.

Click through to see the most powerful wines in the world, why they did well, and what they’ve been up to this year.

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