Nyetimber launches 1086 in HK

English winery Nyetimber launched its wines in Hong Kong last year and is now bringing its 1086 Prestige Cuvée to the city.

Named in honour of the year Nyetimber’s vineyard estate was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, which was written in 1086, the product is England’s first ever prestige cuvée made of a selection of over 90 parcels of vines. Produced entirely from 100% estate-grown fruit with parcel-by-parcel selection, both the 1086 white and rosé are available in Hong Kong now.

“1086 is a selection of the best of the best wines produced by Nyetimber in a given vintage and is only produced in exceptional years. This Prestige Cuvee is characterised by its balance, acidity, length and texture, with these qualities combining seamlessly on the palate”, said head winemaker Cherie Spriggs.

Owner and chief executive Eric Heerema, commented: “It has always been my vision to elevate our wines and our brand to the highest possible levels globally. 1086 translates the determination of our incredible team to create a product like no other. English Sparkling Wine has gone from strength to strength and I am thrilled that Nyetimber is at the forefront of this movement in Hong Kong and beyond.”

Nyetimber 1086 is now available exclusively on wineplease! and retails at HKD$1,690 for the white and HKD$1,940 for the rosé

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