Wines of Portugal brings revamped tasting to London

Wines of Portugal is set to host its annual trade and press tasting in London next month, featuring masterclasses hosted by Sarah Ahmed and Piotr Pietras MS.

The tasting, due to be held on 27 February, will feature new styles of wine from Portugal, and shine a spotlight on up-and-coming young producers and wines from lesser-known regions.

Four free-pour tables will showcase wines grouped into the following categories: master of blends; organic wines; Atlantic influence; and whites to excite.

For the first time, the trade tasting will be followed by the Three Wine Men consumer tasting.

The new format tasting heralds an important year for Portuguese wine. Wines of Portugal has announced a change in its marketing plan for 2020, bringing in a bursary programme to help independent retailers attend the annual tasting. There will also be a sommelier-focused event in June, with three tastings taking place on the same day.

The UK, now Portugal’s third largest market by export value, will also be targeted in a social media campaign. Wines of Portugal has made the changes in consultation with Portuguese wine importers, having hosted a brainstorming and planning session earlier this year.

Commenting on the tasting, Sónia Vieira, marketing director of Wines of Portugal, said: “Sarah [Ahmed] is the primary international journalist specialising in Portugal and it’s such an opportunity for us and for our visitors that she is willing to share her knowledge at her masterclass Taking Portugal’s Pulse.”

Piotr Pietras MS, who won the best young sommelier of the world in 2017, added: “I always thought most Portuguese wines were full-bodied and fruit-driven, but now I’m blown away with the lighter, refreshing, well-balanced, versatile and totally delicious wines that pair so well with food.”


Date: Thursday 27 February

Location: The Boiler House 152 Brick Lane London E1 6RU

Timings: Trade and press – 11am-5pm; Consumer – 5:30pm-8:30pm

Masterclasses: Taking Portugal’s pulse by Sarah Ahmed – 10:30am

The refreshing modernity of Portuguese wines by Piotr Pietras MS – 2pm

**Masterclass entry by registration only.

To register for the tasting, please click here. 

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